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Why I hate the Banks with a Passion

Every time a country sets up a private central bank, there are big problems and the people are always robbed by the fraud they impose. When I read about banks getting caught manipulating their costumers delaying to post a payroll deposit to bank accounts so the banks could run the checks, then they can charge their clients with overdraft fees. The Banks today are known to rip off today more than ever.

What my experience is today shows the Banks like to play a game with money that is mine before I can draw on the funds. I went into the Bank to deposit a check from my insurance company. The amount of the check they did not refuse to say they would not cash. However, it was enough for them to say there is a nine-day hold before I can withdraw some cash from the bank account.

Money is electronically transferred from the bank to bank everyday between wealthy parties can access the money instantly. That is because most of the currency is digital entries on a computer screen and not the actual Federal Reserve notes in circulation.

Then why must I have to wait for my money for nine days when it can be posted in my account within three business days maximum? I believe this financial institution wants to use my funds in the fractional reserve banking scam by creating money out of nothing ten times based on what I deposited so they can loan it out or use in risky investments since now I am considered an unsecured invester instead of an account holder. Which is not good?

This is why we need to get rid of the Federal Reserve System and most of all for now, and the Dodd and Frank act that corrupted the banks more than ever ripping off their account holders. I do not know why I should have to wait nine business days to withdraw my money when three days is reasonable to wait. However, nine days to wait is very suspicious when that money could be instantly in my account tells me why banks are hated right down there with the US Congress… I know the bank will use that money for their nefarious purposes before I can use it the funds for much needed reasons.

What is your reason for hating the Bank? Do you feel the same way?

Look for the UL Label(Underwriters Lab) Before Purchasing Space Heaters This Winter

This Friday  September 25th is when fall officially begins. Already some parts of the country are starting to cool off and there is snow in the Rockies while summer is not over yet. When the freezing temperatures start, and people are looking for economical ways to stay warm without paying an arm and a leg for heating cost.

For the people who have gas heaters and not electric. I know your home can heat very well with a gas furnace. Still be sure you buy a Carbon Monoxide Detector. Before purchasing one at a big-box store, please read the customer reviews to see which one will give you a bang for the dollar. Carbon Monoxide you can’t smell, which makes it a silent killer. Investing in a good detector can save your life.

I know when the mercury goes below the freezing level. People are going to flock to the big-box stores to buy space heaters like crazy. Many consumers will buy the cheapest space heaters made in China. They may be cheap, and you can save a dollar or two. But are these heaters safe?

In a report by the National Fire Protection Association. Their statistic says that Home Heating fires by Space Heaters were responsible for 79 percent of the deaths in 2010. Part of the reasons for these fires is placing the heaters in the wrong space near something flammable or some combustible materiel nearby.

In a report with USA today. Space heaters responsible for most winter fires and deaths. Sometimes good is not cheap and cheap is not good. So how many of these heaters were made inferior or defective because they bypassed any consumer product testing to see if the space heaters are safe.

The other reason which can be a real possibility is that these space heaters might have failed and caused an electrical fire. This is why you should check to see if the space heater has the UL label on the box. It is not fool proof. Underwriters which is a nonprofit consumer interest group that test these space heaters under stress conditions to see if they are safe or not to use.

My advice to avoid the winter rush is to buy your space heater before the temperature drops below freezing. Then you can buy the Space Heaters with the UL label so you can stay warm before people frantically panic and not have to settle for a substandard heater that might not be safe to use. Please follow the manufacturers safety instructions were to place it and not to put it. Before falling asleep, be sure to turn it off if the Manufacturer recommends doing so… It could be the difference of life and death.

Just Say No to Early Christmas Decorations or Bah Humbug!!!!!!


I cannot believe it is almost October 2017. The weather is still hot.
In southeast Texas and sure would look forward to a nice cool front to come through. After Hurricane, Harvey slammed into the coast of Texas. There is carpet and furniture piled up on the side of the road for the trash man to take. Life is still turned upside down here trying to get life back to normal. People’s homes are still under water even though the Brazos river, and the San Bernard rivers are still receding.

When southeast Texas was being flooded by heavy rains. Many people who are rescued made it out with the clothes on their back. Many families lost everything, and the insurance companies are looking to drag their feet paying out claims due to the storm. Many people lost their place of employment and everything they lost it all they own. There is a lot of anxiety because of the financial strain due to loss of income.

So to those retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Target. People all over, Americans are struggling to make it paycheck to paycheck. Please postpone putting up the Christmas displays until a week before Black Friday. I work for a major big-box store, and I can tell you being there eight hours a day, 40 hours a week. Seeing Christmas displays in my face all day from October to December. I feel very Bah Humbug and turn into a scrooge on Christmas eve. I want it to be over and look forward to the white sales in January.


To those affected by Harvey and Irma, who lost their jobs and homes that raise children. Having those decorations up early will add to the stress of what is coming in the future. They are uncertain if they make sure their kids have a good Christmas. Many are trying to rebuild their lives, Working to put a roof over their family, provide clothing. Food on the table and transportation is hard enough.

To tell you, If I were in their place walking into a Walmart in October in the area that is the Garden Center now full of Christmas decorations. Seeing a Santa Clause cut out, Christmas tree and Jingle Bells playing over the intercom would add to the stress when trying to get to settled in a stable place is a priority over anything else. Not to mention the constant radio and TV commercials does help either. No wonder there is a high suicide rate around Christmas time.

These big-box stores need to put back Christmas displays until after Thanksgiving or at least a week before Black Friday. The early Christmas promotion has become absurd. I remember watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade every year and the last float had Santa Clause. I would not surprise me if Santa Clause appears in the St Patrics parade as the last float while Easter has not arrived yet.. I hope they do not go over the top with promoting Christmas season going to the extreme.

I can tell you that working in a big-box store. Halloween candy and product come weeks before October starts. Back to school merchandise arrives in late June and is stacked on a pallet till the time is given to put it out on the sales floor. I would not be surprised if the Christmas Candy has already arrived shrinked wrapped in the backroom. Christmas candy and cookies come out right after Halloween. I rather see Pilgrims and Indian corn than Candy canes and a Ginger bread cookie. So big box retailers please don’t ruin the day we celebrate to birth of a savior with a bunch of commercialized nonsense.

So to those big-box retailers. Stop promoting Christmas prematurely.

President Trump: Rescind and Declassify Presidential Decision Directive 51 (PDD-51)


I remember President Trumps speech at his inauguration very well with a few phases that stand out I can’t forget. One of those quotes was taking power away from Washington DC, returning the constitutional authority to the people and the states. The move he can make to restore faith with his base and win over some patriots who have severe reservations about him is to rescind and declassify Presidential Decision Directive 51.

Since the Sept 11th false flag attack gave the tyrants the excuse to ignore the Bill of Rights. This event was used as an excuse to take away all our liberties in our Bill of Rights by the name of keep us safe from those terrorists that didn’t exist. Ever since the Federal government has been the terrorist attacking our freedoms with the Patriot Act and forming the TSA that makes airline travel a nightmare.

The authoritarians using 9-11 as an excuse to erode our liberties want more power. President Bush signed and classified Presidential Decision Directive 51 were on the cover sheet makes the President a Dictator and Congress’s constitutional authority to be a check and balance against executive overreach is non existent.

PDD-51 is so classified and kept secretive by the executive branch of the government. The members of Congress who have classified security clearances that sit on a chair in the Homeland Security committee to see classified documents ask to see what is in PDD-51. When they requested the White House to see PDD-51.  The Bush Administration denied the members access to see what is in PDD-51.

The President can use PDD-51 to declare a national emergency for any reason because of economic chaos, political turmoil or natural disasters here or abroad. Looking at the Homeland security, PDF form. This gives the President a blank check to tyrannize the American people in the name of continuity of government(COG)

Under PDD-51, if martial law is declared by a national emergency. Congress is left out of the loop and cannot intervene for six months.
I call on President Trump to declassify and rescind PDD-51 is he is serious about restoring the separation of powers and states right and the liberties of the American people. Declassify PDD-51 so the public interest groups can see actually what was kept from the Congress and the American people.  

If there is anyway President Trump can do to expose the Deep State is to rescind and declassify PPd-51 because it is unconstitutional and illegal for one branch of government to have so much power.  If the President is serious about devolving power from Washington back to the states and the people under the 9th and 10th amendments. Then declassify and rescind pdd-51.

The Whistleblower, A Must see movie exposing United Nations Cover-Up and Involvement of Sex Trafficking

Right now, Police nationwide are going after the sex traffickers who are holding young ladies and children against will. The movie The Whistle Blower does expose of what is going on today worldwide with UN Peace Keeping missions. Even though this movie tells of what was taken place in the late 1990s in a post war Bosnia. It still gives a snapshot of the sex trafficking industry going on inside the United Nations peacekeeping missions.

The movie The Whistle Blower which is a film based on a true story of a female former law enforcement officer of the Lincoln Police Department Kathryn Bolkovac who was hired to be part of the United Nations International Police Task force in Bosnia. Once the sex trafficking ring was uncovered. Her mission was focused trying to save a group of girls from being sold into sex slavery.

As she further investigates the sex slavery going on. You will see why the boundaries of Diplomatic Immunity must be redefined because this status gives these UN officials a license to commit serious crimes against humanity with impunity.

What Kathryn Bolkovac uncovers will bring righteous indignation to anyone who has a soul. It exposes the corruption of the US State Department all the way to the United Nations in the cover-up and involvement of sex trafficking. It will give us further reasons why the United States needs to get out of the UN and get this corrupt organization off US soil.

Still to this day the United Nations Peacekeepers and representatives are involved in sex trafficking in Africa and Haiti. The movie The Whistle Blower gives us an idea that what happened in Bosnia is going on worldwide where UN Peacekeepers are. There will be sex trafficking uncovered.

This movie tells me that on US soil. Our government needs to reform the policy concerning diplomatic immunity where common sense must be applied. Ambassadors and foreign dignitaries should have diplomatic immunity concerning. They be free of  US government harassment for political reasons to intimidate them to change their policy on a certain issue. Diplomatic Immunity should only to be used so that the country they are in representing their nation is that US government cannot impede the diplomat from official government business.

Diplomatic immunity should have limitations. It should not be a permanent get out of jail-free card when violating the laws of a nation they are in. I do not care if it is speeding or parking tickets, domestic violence or having sex slaves chained in the basement. Diplomatic immunity should not be the loophole to escape justice. Diplomats should be held accountable when they break the laws of a nation, they are a guest in.

The movie The  Whistle Blower shows the corruption that happens when justice is denied to the vulnerable and defenseless ladies who could not speak because their perpetrators who were UN officials have diplomatic immunity.

For those of you, who have a Netflix account. Please watch this movie and share it, If you can order it off of Amazon. Please do purchase the movie. The only way we can bring the sex traffickers to justice is first exposing it and speaking out setting an example that US citizen under diplomatic immunity will be help accountable if they are involved in sex trafficking under the United Nations flag.

Also there needs to be reform on the policy of diplomatic immunity so sex trafficking and pedophile rings are no longer tolerated where diplomatic immunity does not apply. We must pressure our representatives to reform what the terms of diplomatic immunity that is fair and just where no one is above the law on US soil.

One of Presidents Donald Trumps legal troubles holding pedophiles accountable will be that many of these perpetrators have diplomatic immunity as a means to escaping justice. Let’s not let what Katheryn Bolkovac work she started not be for nothing.

Why Church Attendance is Down? Is the Christian Faith Dead in America?

I read countless accounts at one time that church attendance was common across America before I was born.  It was American as apple pie to gather for Sunday worship. That was a time when the church was the salt of the earth that preserved the moral standards of society.

In the 1950s Senator Lyndon  Johnson of Texas proposed and passed in both houses of Congress to place Churches under the 501c3 status that is a scam. Churches are not required to apply for a tax-exempt status. Churches have always had a tax exempt status before the 501c3 law came into effect. The moral authority of the church has been eroded severely when the houses of worship signed on to this tax exempt illusion. The Christian Church no longer has a positive influence in society when 501c3 status is preventing them from preaching about the corruption from the pulpit.

The reason why Sen. Johnson wanted to the churches to be under the 501c3 law was because the Churches were preaching against the corruption he was involved in. He barely won reelection because the churches in Texas were exposing the corruption, he was a part of. Passing the 501c3 law silenced the pulpits from speaking out against the corruption in government.

I am a Christian, who believes Jesus was born from a virgin, came to be God in the flesh. He paid the penalty of sin upon the cross to satisfy God’s justice to die in our place and to rise on the third day. So do not accuse me of blasphemy or call me a heretic when I speak my mind.

Here is the damage the 501c3 has caused to the country because the church was hindered being the moral influence in society.

School prayer was taken out of the public schools by a ruling of the Us Supreme Court. The church was silent nowhere to be found.

The ten commandments were ordered taken down by the same high court not so long after. The church did not put up a fight to defend to source of all our law.

Do you wonder why churches never preach about the abuses and corruption of Child Protective services persecuting Christian families and home schools? The reason is because the pastor is afraid of losing his tax exempt status if he speaks out against this agency.

The most tragic was when abortion was made legal by the same court. The church was absent and not on the radar when it came to speaking out.

Why has this happened? It is because when a church has a 501c3 status. Christ is no longer the head of the church. The IRS becomes the head of the church dictating what the pastors can say from the pulpit. If he does not comply and preaches the evils of abortion or any other political issue that goes against the government narrative. They can lose their tax-exempt status. As a result, the message of the Christian faith has been watered down.

There is one of the reason why the church as we know it is in decline. But there is other reasons that can drive a person from attending church.

I got turned off going to church because the message from the pulpit was questionable. I had the morality police getting into my personal life. If I had a drink of an adult beverage, Then I was a heathen who needed to repent. If I talk with a woman on the streets. They thought I was going to have sex with her and was told not to talk to the opposite sex because too many temptations. I stopped going to that church because I did not need the headaches.

Instead of the this church speaking out against what is ailing the community. It focused on making people feel dirty because they got a boner when they woke up in the morning was a bad thing.If I had a attraction to a woman I had interest in. I was told it was lust and it was bad. Looking back at this time in my life. I was not this evil lust beast they tried to make me out to be, What I was feeling was very natural and given by our Creator so someday I can find a mate so me and her can repopulate the earth. Not a sin at all, just God given instincts. These are the types of churches that drive people away when this type of indoctrination goes on.

I also noticed the people were not real. They were not themselves. Hearing the phrase ” Praise the Lord!” constantly when I know what was said was not sincere irked at me. There were no real men. Just robots trying to look righteous and pious to look the part. The ladies were afraid of talking to a man in casual passing by in the halls fearing the rebuke from those who claim to be holier then thou.

When I started to read all four Gospels in the bible. Jesus reached out to the sinners who needed help.  He also stood against the religious order and hypocrisy we see today in many churches. This is a big reason I see why people are leaving the church and seeking an alternative venue to worship God.

I can tell you that the Christian faith is not fading in America. It is going in a different direction. Many Christian denominations have abandoned the faith. They have adopted doctrines that are highly questionable when it goes against the bible. This might be a reason people have stopped attending these churches because they betrayed the faith.

People are fed up of the corruption in the church leadership. People are tired of the hypocrisy in the pulpit. So did these people who left the Church abandon the faith? The answer may surprise you.
Church attendance is down. That is a fact. So where are these people going to worship and fellowship with fellow believers?  Many home churches are starting up in leaps and bounds replacing the traditional church. Fellow Christians in smaller groups worship God to the dictates of their own conscience and not held back by the modern day Pharisees and Sadducee  with religious dogma.

The Christian faith is not dead. It is being decentralized were denominations and the 501c3 no more rule the pulpit. The home-based church groups now are starting to dominate. A concept where all the members in the group participate. They are feeding the poor and helping the hurting on the streets. Not just sit in a pew trying to stay awake. The home-based church is the trend of the future.

Christianity is not dead in America or fading away.  Just because church attendance is down. It does not mean people abandoned the faith. So do not lose heart. Jesus bypassed the traditional religious order of the day to preach his message. So will Christians do as Jesus done bypassing the apostate church too.

A Victim of False Accusation of Sexual Harassment Speaks Out.

In 2004 when I was working for 7-11 in Spring Hill Florida. A male in his late teens or early twenties wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes. I ask for his I.D. to see if he was of age to purchase a pack of Newports. He went irate, and I did not know he was a boyfriend of my co-workers. I was doing my job under Florida Law. 

These co-workers I did not get along with very well since I transferred to that store. They had a chip on their shoulder and shown hostility in the workplace because they had a resentment toward certain types of males. It was not just me.

The following weekend they tried to set me up about my preferences of what type of lady I want to date. That did not work. The next workday I was called inside the manager’s office and was informed I am being accused of sexual harassment saying I inappropriately touched a female coworker. I know this took me by surprise because I knew I did not do such a thing. The female who accused me was a basket case from the beginning.

When they sent an investigator to interview both parties. The lady they sent from the main office to investigate the accusation who had an ax to grind. In her eyes, was I was guilty because I am a man, and she was to be believed without question and treated her like she was the victim. I WAS THE REAL VICTIM.The investigator was not competent on how to conduct a impartial investigation. She was on a crusade and shown not to be objective at all.

The investigator did not bother to check the credibility of the accuser and her motives. If woman sent from headquarters dug deeper and interviewed witnesses who were regular customers would have told the investigator that the reason why they accused me of sexual harassment is because they were sore at me for asking her boyfriend for ID to buy a pack of cigarettes. Any seasoned detective would find her a liar. It would be an open and shut case as a trumped up accusation.

When the security tapes were looked at. There was nothing to prove I touched her and even talked to her. Still this investigator was trying to look for something that was not there.

The female investigator even ignored the other lady coworkers that knew this accusation was false that seen right through it. The investigator was selectively choosing the evidence trying to justify sexual harassment. She was on a personal crusade. The kind of person you do not want to lead an investigation.

I found something to challenge the credibility of my accuser who was found on the employee journal that is used as communication between shifts. She used it to write about the men in the workplace were inferior by her sick standards, which shown her hostility to men she worked with. 7-11 refused to hold her accountable for what she written that created a hostile work environment.

When the investigation findings resulted of being unfounded. Still the damage was done. My mistake was I talked to the investigator. I did not have to make a statement to her. I am innocent and the burden of proof lies with 7-11 to come up with the proof sexual harassment happened, which never did.

Why I say don’t talk or plead the fifth. Don’t incriminate yourself if you are innocent. My investigator used my innocent words and twisted them to use against me in the final report. Silence is golden. Don’t talk so they can’t twist your words later.  The employee journal I had in my possession, I should have kept and not give back to 7-11 as leverage. It was evidence I should have taken to a lawyer to take legal action later. By the way, nothing was done to my accuser for writing the hostile words in the journal shows me there is a double standard when it comes to sexual harassment against male and female.

Sexual harassment has become weaponized in the 1990s until now. Political correctness and the Feminist movement have used sexual harassment to take it to the extremes to attack good men. I read about innocent men being fired because a woman claimed of being sexually harassed to retaliate against him because she did not get her way.  The employers terminated the man without question as a knee-jerk reaction, so they would not want to get sued. Later, they find out the female accuser. She does this scam for monetary gain when a back-ground check is done on her.

I ask those who investigate claims of sexual harassment in the workplace. Keep this thought in mind. Remembering the person who is accused has to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Check the motives why sexual harassment was used. All angles of the case has to be looked at.  The accused might be innocent. His reputation and his livelihood is at stake. It could destroy his marriage and family for nothing. Be objective and impartial.

If sexual harassment happened. It will be obvious and will be found out. A good seasoned investigator who is impartial knows how to find the truth. If the accuser has the credibility to back up the claim. So be it. If the man can’t restrain himself and uses coercion or inappropriate gestures, than fire him. If she is lying to retaliate or looking for monetary gain. Then she should be terminated.

It has been almost 15 years since this happened. I have forgiven my accuser and wish her well. To be accused of something that is false was a very traumatic experience. To be dragged through the coals being treated like I was a deviant sexual monster by the investigators because I am a male. These tactics wounded my pride and  dignity. It was very dehumanizing. It was a lot of mental anguish and emotionally draining.  It hurts to be treated like I am guilty because I am a man.

25 years later when the feminist used Anita Hill, who lied to the Senate claiming Justice Clearance Thomas sexual harassed her. Ever since that drama happened. The feminist went into high gear redefining sexual harassment is to attack the males in the workplace… The definition of sexual harassment has broadened beyond common sense that done more harm than good. It has harmed the relations between male and female in the workplace where mundane activity can be construed as sexual harassment.

I see the tide starting to turn when it comes to sexual harassment were common sense is starting to be used and not political correctness that was used to browbeat the accused when they try to defend their honor. I see a slow change where the men are starting to fight back. In some cases, the accuser was found out to be a gold digger when they are investigated when they tried to use sexual harassment with a previous employer. Now in my workplace, when a female cries sexual harassment or where there is theft. The company I work for now brings in outside investigators who are retired detectives. These people leave no stone left upturned. They do a good job.

So if you are accused of sexual harassment, and you know you are innocent. Don’t say a word. You do not have to prove your innocence. The burden of proof is theirs to prove if there is evidence. Remember silence is golden.

Why Traitor Vice President Mike Pence Has to Go

One of the biggest mistakes President Trump did was extending an Olive Branch to the establishment wing of the Republican party. One of those mistakes trying to appeal to the establishment wing of the GOP after securing the nomination was choosing former Governor of Indiana Mike Pence to be his running mate.

To me, you cannot be open borders, amnesty to illegal aliens and to be free trade and still call himself a born-again Christian. He says one thing and does the opposite. I do not trust the man. He is just Republican in name only.

Here are the reasons why President Trump needs to dump this man or force him to resign with honor to avoid being publicly shamed.
The truth is that before Mike, Pence was being chosen to be his running mate. The voters of Indiana was ready to vote him out of office.

When the Carrier Air conditioner plant announced they were moving their factory to Mexico. Governor Mike Pence did not lift a finger to save the jobs that were being lost. It was President Elect Donald Trump before he was sworn in that kept the plant from moving south of the border. Governor Pence was perfectly content to see Carrier relocated to Mexico without a fight.

He is a neocon for endless wars of conquest. At the Republican convention.

His rhetoric towards Russia tells me he does not want improved relations with President Putin. This is the opposite to what the POTUS wants. Instead Pence like the other hawks wants war like the other neoconservatives want.

At the Republican convention. He lied to the delegates saying Russia invaded Syria and the Crimea which is not true.

The real truth is Russia was invited into Syria by President Assad to help take out the Islamic Militant group ISIS.

The province of Crimea which was part of Ukraine voted to secede, which won by an overwhelming majority in an election. Than the Crimean people voted to be part of the Russia federation.  There was no invasion.

This statement in his speech contradicted Donald Trump’s public position on Russia concerning Syria and Crimea.

Vice President Pence was  colluding Johnny DeStefano was  being reported by reliable sources is working with other establishment republicans in the White House trying to push out  people loyal to Donald Trump. This cunning tactic was preventing these hardcore supporters from working for the President. This is by stalling paperwork and background checks past the 120-day period therefor replacing people who are never-Trumpers in the White House being around the President.

VP Pence by White House sources waiting in the wings to be the President with Paul Ryan as Vice President, In a planned coup that has been exposed. 

VP Pence went against the President’s word promising Australia to take in Muslim refugees being detained on an island.

It has been reported I that seems to be no solid confirmation.  That is VP Pence was responsible behind the scenes ousting National Security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn with the cover story of not revealing everything when talking to the Russian ambassador to the Vice President Mike Pence.

Other Sources say the real reason for Gen Flynn resigning is that he had evidence revealing VP Michael Pence’s best friend is involved in Pedophilia. It makes me wonder if the VP was involved in covering up any pedophile investigations while Governor of Indiana or was involved himself. This is the type of things the Deep state uses to control politicians. Vice President Pence seems to be the globalist choice of President Trump to occupy the oval office.

The President needs a VP who is first qualified and shares the President’s vision for the Republic. If the President was going to die tomorrow. Mike Pence would be the President, and Speaker of the House would be the VP. It will be two globalist puppets that will do what they are told by the masters who rule in the shadows.

Sooner or later, the VP is going to be exposed for what he truly is. He is a globalist. He is a traitor, and he is not the born-again Christian he claims to be. When the light is shone on him for betraying the President. People will demand he steps down, be arrested or be fired.
If that happens. The President should choose a VP who is just as strong, who is a patriot and knows the Constitution. He will be loyal to the President and will obey his oath. Then he should suggest House of Representatives call for a vote on the House floor. Calling on our congressmen to overwhelmingly give a vote of no confidence telling Rep. Paul Ryan to step down as Speaker of the House and resign his seat in Congress along with Majority leader Sen. Mitch McConnell step down from his position and retire from the Senate. These people are standing in the way repealing Obamacare and tax relief. VP Pence is not helping the POTUS. Evidence reveals he is working against the President behind the scenes.

VP Mike Pence has to go. In my opinion. He is no more a Christian than Anton Levey. He is no more a Patriot than Benedict Arnold. He may pay lip service claiming he is pro life. But in reality, he is a back stabber and two faced and cannot be trusted. The POTUS needs a new VP.

Picking a Senator Rand Paul would be a improvement over a neocon like Mike Pence. Do you agree?

Our Domestic Threat Assessment That Goes Beyond Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA We Cannot Ignore

Before the Patriots get overconfident that ANTIFA and is being disavowed by the left wing politicians for being a street gang or terrorist organization. Don’t hold your breath thinking these Political figures are sincere in their comments. I think they said that just to deflect the backlash. The leftist politicians will throw ANTIFA and even Black Lives Matter under the bus to save their own ass, for the moment, for public relation reasons to buy time before they make their next move. The ruling oligarchs working through the deep state has more than one asset to achieve their goals trying to take over the government.
George Soros and his minions in government positions do not put all their eggs in one basket when trying to take down the United States. October 2017 is the 100 year anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia where the Communist overthrew the czar. The global oligarchs are determined to overthrow the Republic by any means necessary to repeat what happened in 1917. For decades, the Globalist has been planning to replace our constitutional form of government with authoritarian rule.
I am not trying to scare anyone. I am just trying to say that we cannot underestimate what the American people are really up against. I have no doubt that we will win. Through the years of President Obama of trying to disarm the population through legislation and executive orders. Americans have armed themselves with a record number of gun sales and ammunition. Still we can’t afford to be complacent with what faces us on the ground. We can’t trust the Police to defend us because many times they have protected the domestic enemies like we have seen at Berkley and Charlotsville. The tyrants have more assets to try to achieve their objective than ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter who are sent to the front as expendable cannon fodder.

Here are the threats we face:

Even through Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are being discredited trying to start a race war in the  country when Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast. What was demonstrated is that everyone came together regardless of race and helped each other. The perception of Americans being a racist society was debunked. The credibility of this media driven race war trying to stoke the fires of racism has been diminished.

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter maybe down, but not out. We can see these groups going the way of the terrorist group called the Weather Underground. This group has been known to bomb police stations and other terrorist attacks in the 1970s. We can see these groups making homemade bombs and using small drones to deploy these weapons to inflict as many deaths and casualties as a chilling effect to spread fear through terrorism.

There are other threats that are not talked about. Just because they are not reported in the alternative and mainstream media pro or con. It does not mean these groups are not a threat. Sometimes when ignored or not talked about. It does mean the possibility they maybe working under the radar as an unexpected asset no one expects.
Now I have to mention of an asset no one talks about today. This is one group we cannot ignore. This is criminal elements in the US Government using the street gangs from the inner cities like the Crypts and the Bloods as a force against the American people. We have MS-13 and other street gangs that are already organized with leadership and chain of command. Back in the 1990s, there was talk of using street gangs as a military force to subdue the population. All the government has to do is give them uniforms and weapons. This is a possible threat can’t be ignored.
What about the militant racist organizations called La Raza, Lulac ,and Mecha? These groups are rarely reported on these days in the Alternative media and the mainstream press regardless of the Trump administration enforcing immigration laws with the border crossings down and deportations up. Did these groups disband or stop their activities of achieving their goal? It is a possibility these militant groups can be the odd man out as an asset to destabilize the southwest of the United States that has a large Hispanic population in this region.

These are groups hell-bent on reclaiming the southwest of the USA for Mexico. Do not be surprised if these groups rear their ugly head as an insurgency against the legitimate governments in the southwestern United States. These groups can also go the way like the FALN and the weather Underground too. That can be a very strong possibility.

With President Trump outlawing Sanctuary cities and reversing the executive order giving dreamers legal status. Just because Mecha, La Raza and Lulac are keeping a low profile. These are factions we must not ignore. Just because we have not heard from them in a while. It does not mean their agenda is stalled.

With California pushing for secession. This could be the beach head of the New World Order to launch an offensive to the bring instability to the southwest using Mexican influence as a battering ram against the rest of the United states.

The Mexican government through their consulates have been reported to have made threats as an act of war using Spanish-speaking radio and TV media. The Mexican government working for the New World Order are known to use threats to shut down major cities mobilizing hoards of illegal aliens in the streets if they do not get their way. The Mexican government will use Spanish speaking media as a propaganda arm as a weapon against the American people.

The former Defense Secretary under President Ronald Reagan made a prediction. The late Casper Wienburger in his book talked about the possible war with Mexico and the effect it will have within the borders of the United States. 

excerpts from his book states the chilling reality saying:

A powerful leader blames Mexico’s problems on the “Gringo”
Unrest spreads throughout Mexico
Millions head north across the border
Drug gangs engage in terrorism in the U.S.
U.S. forced to invade Mexico to topple the regime.

South of the border we have the CIA trained and backed Los Zatas that are an Army of the Drug Cartels in Mexico. This can be a force to be reckoned with who can attack and terrorize the towns along the southern border with a greater intensity then we have known before. This group protect in the Drug cartels backed by the Deep state could be another destabilization force at their disposal to take down the United States.

The other faction comes from the United Nations bring in fighting age men from countries that are collapsed from Africa and the Middle East. These people come from a culture that is not compatible with American culture. These fighting age men are being located in small towns across America, who arrive by chartered planes at night not to arouse public suspicion. In Western Europe, were these Middles Eastern and African fighting age males have been resettled. There have been reports of weapons catches found. I wonder how many of these weapons are pre deployed throughout the United States for when the order is given. Will they be used to go after the American people?          

Larry Nichols, a former political operative of President Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. In a series of YouTube videos, he talked about a nightmare scenario if Deerborn Michigan was declared an Islamic Caliphate by radical Muslims. These so-called, refugees resettled nationwide who are not woman and children from Syria, but fighting age men. How many of these towns that have these people being placed in have weapon catches pre deployed to set up these Islamic caliphates in small towns across the United States? We can see a heavy loss of life nationwide of Christians refusing to convert to Islam. It does not look like a pretty picture to imagine.

I do not blame President Trump 100 percent for these threats not being dealt with. The bureaucracy is ignoring him and outright defying him. President Trump came into office with the deck stacked against him with President Obama’s stay behind network to thwart the new chief of the executive branch of government.

The rank and file Police and Military I know will not go along with a coup to unset President Trump.  Except Police in democrat run cities who do thew bidding for the corrupt city governments. This is why we have these paramilitary groups like ANTIFA, Black lives Matter, LULAC, La Raza, MECHA and the influx of middle eastern men of fighting age. These paramilitary groups might be the paramilitary forces put in strategic places in position to carry the destabilization of the United States. All these factions are supported and backed by the deep state, the Rockefeller and Ford foundations to undermine and circumvent our republican form of government. We must look at all these groups with suspicion in such a time as this.

Never mind the press generated  threats of North Korea or Syria. We have real threats right here on American soil that are determined to achieve their objectives by any means necessary. They are driven by ideology. They are highly motivated, well funded and organized. They are not playing games. They are serious and waiting patiently for the opportunity to make their move.

If President trump wants to make American great and stable. He is going to have to grab the bull by the horns regardless of the blow back from the press and the political establishment in both political parties. That is mass firings and arrest in the FBI, The CIA, the State Department, Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and purge the bureaucracies of all Clinton, Bush and Obama holdovers committing treason giving aid and comfort to these groups  planning to wage war against the American people.

We cannot depend on President Trump to save the day. We have to find  where these paramilitary groups are locally. Through local Law enforcement and militias. We can takes steps to neutralize and deter this potential insurgent force from acting against the America people.

Regardless if Hurricane Harvey and Irma might be a smoke screen for this insurgent and insurrection forces to move into place. It has been reported of United Nation trucks are being stored industrial warehouses, Could they be  the force to be peacekeepers to be our protectors against these threats to provoked . But the UN has been proven to be the threat itself to take over America as the end game has been the agenda.

With a planned coup to remove an elected president. Having all these foundation and deep state backed groups who are sworn enemies of the republic. We can have a perfect storm of a civil war starting where these groups could be activated to keep Americans fighting these factions hoping the overwhelm the patriots. With such fighting from these globalist paramilitary groups. This could be a strategy by preventing the people resisting a globalist takeover of the nations capital.

Regardless, we have threats here on American soil we cannot ignore. It is up to us ultimately to deal with them and remove them from our mist. Do not hold your breath thinking Homeland Security will deal with it. We must do it or we get what we deserve.


Recent Natural Disasters Are a Blessing in Disguise for President Trump Uniting the Nation

I can tell that Prescient Trump has had good timing when Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast, A Possible Hurricane Irma and the wildfires in Los Angeles is the other challenge.  These are events that unite the nation and rally behind the effort.  I know there is nothing good about going through these disasters. I spent 7 days in the hospital recently when Downgraded Tropical Storm Harvey was dumping rain all over southeast Texas. I watched from 24 stories up seeing rescue efforts from my window and the raw power of nature. In the same, the demonstration of our true national character was shining through.

Before Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast. The racial and cultural agitators where trying to ignite a race war nationwide in an attempt to overthrow our republican form of government. Historical statues where being torn down because of this artificial perception that America was a racist country driven by the fake news media to foment strife was being intensified. Hurricane Harvey became George Soros’s worst nightmare because the narrative he was trying to use the divide the nation was unraveling. These talking points were being debunked when Texans of all races came together and helped each other. Something the deep state did not want to happen.

Now we have the wild fires in California and Hurricane Irma threatening the mainland of the USA. President Trump I know is poised to act to help the people effected calling on all Americans to unite and pray. He will acknowledge our strong national character in the hearts of those rescuing and helping those in need.

As a nation and a people of many diverse ethnic backgrounds. We share the common struggle to overcome the impossible. having shared camaraderie with our neighbors we might have met for the first time. It is the blessings of getting know our neighbors or a stranger who is our new friend is the essence of rebuilding the American character from the grassroots up. Not from the trickle down social engineers in Washington trying to mold society into their image they call a Brave New World..

Natural disasters are not a good thing  to experience to go through. But when the rebuilding and restoration starts and people begin to rebuild their lives. The restoring of our national character is more important than the rebuilding of structures. This is something money can not buy that goes far more than what Washington can do Making America great Again.

Hurricane Harvey aftermath demonstrated one thing that is the blessing in disguise  to our POTUS cheers. It is not government and politicians that will make American great again. It is the blessing of Texans coming together of all walks of life that still makes American great.