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The Case of Judge Roy Moore, Proof of Deriliction of Duty is Why Sen. Mitch McConnell Must Resign.

The seating of Doug Jones as a US Senator from Alabama is a miscarriage of the democratic process undermining the integrity of our US election system. Judge Roy Moore has had the election stolen from him. The evidence is overwhelming with major anomalies statewide that went on December 12, 2017.

It is very obvious that Sen Mitch McConnell was perfectly content throwing the Alabama special election to a leftist democrat because Judge Roy Moore if sworn in as a US Senator would have rocked the boat of the republican establishment If Judge Roy Moore was Senator Elect. Sen Mitch McConnell would have fought tooth and nail to keep Roy Moore from being seated in the Senate chamber. His arrogance shows his disdain for the people of Alabama.

Sen Mitch McConnell has shown he was derelict in his constitutional duties according to the legal definition of dereliction of duty by US Legal:

Dereliction of duty generally refers to a failure to conform to rules of one’s job, which will vary by tasks involved. It is a failure or refusal to perform assigned duties in a satisfactory manner. Dereliction of duty on the part of an employee may be cause for disciplinary action, which will vary by employer. It may refer to a failure by an organization member to abide by the standing rules of its constitution or by-laws or perform the duties of the position appointed to.

Does that fit Sen. Mitch McConnell disregarding his constitutional duties as majority leader?

In the US Constitution in Article one section five is clear why the majority leader violated his constitutional duty for political reasons over the will of the people of Alabama. Here is what the constitution says about judging the elections: Article 1 Section 5

Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members,

Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was derelict when Congressmen Bob Dornan was voted out of office by illegal aliens voting for Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. Rep. Dornan ask Speaker to investigate the election for voter fraud. Newt refused to investigate to see if Rep Sanchez won fair and square when the evidence overwhelmingly proved Rep Dornan lost by a 1200 margin to thousands of illegal aliens voting.

Just because the secretary of State certified the election does not mean Doug Jones meets the qualifications of being a US Senator if there is evidence of voter fraud if the US Senate properly judges the election. Chances are there are many members of congress who are in Washington DC because of voter fraud. This is why we need to go back to paper ballots with a strict transparent chain of custody and toss the Diebold voting machines into the local landfill.

What we the people of the United states need to call on Sen. Mitch McConnell step down as majority leader .The people of Alabama must pressure Doug Jones to resign his seat when election fraud is proven and a new special election with paper ballots with control numbers matching with the voter who shows a valid Alabama state issued driver license or ID. Based on the evidence: Doug Jones should have been disqualified.

The people of Alabama needs to turn the tables on the leftist democrats who cheated and stole the election from Judge Roy Moore. They need to start saying” Doug Jones is not my Senator”. Why Because he is seated by voter fraud by the unwillingness of the Secretary of the State of Alabama and the Senate Majority leader being derelict in their duty to make a reasonable effort to investigate voter fraud.

President Trump will feel the pain when I comes to when he just dissolved the Voter Fraud commission and listening to his advisors who give him bad advice calling on Roy Moore to concede the election when there was evidence of voter fraud. Why is when the vote to repeal the Obamacare and confirming filling federal judges vacancies in the lower courts and the US Supreme Court comes to the Senate floor

I support Judge Roy Moore suing in court contesting the election results. It may seem unpopular to some calling him a sore loser challenging the results. He is doing his duty no matter the cost for what is right and just. The main reason is because there is the hope of exposing voter fraud with the evidence of tampering with electronic voting touch screens and ballot counting machines in a court of law. The evidence of out of state people voting multiple times going precinct to precinct. All to be presented to a jury to see. That is a moral righteous cause.  Maybe we can go back to paper ballots counted for the public to see in out the open and integrity returned to our elections.

If we don’t , both the house and senate could be under democrat control with the voter fraud system intact. Sen Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are perfectly content with throwing the election to the Democrats to keep the power structure in DC intact.

That would be a major step back Making America great again.

My Battle with Cancer, Are Doctors Helping or Hurting?

On May 31, 2017 when I went to the emergency room thinking I had a urinary tract infection. I found out I had a tumor in my bladder. When I heard the news. It felt like I was kicked in the gut. The thoughts about my children and their future really weighed on my mind.

Shortly after hearing the news. I made an appointment with an Urologist to start treatment. I had to sign medical releases to have my record from the emergency room to the Urologist. When the Doctor looked at the records and done a scope into my bladder. He found the tumor. He wasted no time for me to have surgery to cut the tumor out the bladder and do localized chemotherapy to wipe out what cancer is left.

A week later after the doctor’s visit. I had my surgery with no complications. I was sent home with a catheter. I had an appointment the next day back at the doctors office to have my catheter removed. Be removing the catheter/ I have chemotherapy injected into my bladder.

After the lab results of the first surgery. He wanted to schedule another surgery 30 days later. That second surgery put me in the hospital three weeks later with a bladder infection during hurricane Harvey. I was in a Houston Hospital for a week.

After I was released from the Hospital. I had a third surgery to do a biopsy. The prognosis is that Doctor suggested was two things. First was Chemotherapy and radiation treatment. After that I would have a fourth surgery where they wanted to remove my bladder and prostrate gland, put a stoma in me so I can pee in a bag or take from my large intestine and build a new bladder where I would use catheters to urinate out of.

Not very good options for a quality of life. I would like to have sex and be able to function at work.  I would like to lose nothing in my body. I have no more symptoms anymore. Still the doctors insist I go through with it. The Doctors may mean well and are brainwashed like everyone else. I want to know there is a far less painful solution.

So if there is anyone who has went through this and has some natural methods that has worked where there is no more surgeries, never had to go through chemotherapy or radiation. I would like to know. Also I could use all your prayers and encouragement.

God Bless you all.


How Will President Trump Deal With A Rogue California Government Making the State a Third World S-hole?


The state of California government has gone rogue and out of control. What happens in California can have some major ramifications nationwide if something is not done to put the state government in check. The state Legislator has passed laws that go far beyond infringing on people’s personal liberties. What is going on in the state is a major train wreck getting ready to happen,

In 2007, the US congress passed the John Warner Defense Authorization act of 2007 , The Insurrection Act of 1807 and the War Powers Act of 1973. The law was written for the purpose of using the military destroying the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 Act the prevented using the troops to invade states that did not go along with the New World Order to enforce civilian law. Now we have President Donald Trump who is not globalist who is pulling out of the New World Order. So can President Trump use the John Warner Defense Authorization Act to put the California state government back within its constitutional box?

Now I am going to walk you through a hypothetical scenario which is very possible for the state of California to see happen.
Suppose one day the state government goes insolvent and is broke. The state can’t pay their workers, their state highway patrol. Some major infrastructure already crumbling shuts down because the state is out of money. Many law enforcement agencies are close to going broke because there is no money coming from Sacramento. Police Departments have to scale back patrols. The first responder like firemen and paramedics plus county hospitals can be affected when there is very little or no funding.

The State EBT cards will be denied at supermarkets. State Welfare checks are bouncing because of insufficient funds. As a result, there would be civil unrest starts in cities statewide. The police do not have the resources state wide to deal with the people. Most of the State national guard units are deployed in the middle east. President Trump offers resources deploying national guard troops from nearby states to help restore order.

Governor Jerry Brown I can see refusing federal assistance from the POTUS and calls for UN troops to restore order to the golden state just like the Cook County Commissioner in Illinois and Chicago city government did going to the UN asking for child raping and trafficking  peacekeepers to patrol the streets refusing the President’s offer to deploy national guard units from other states to help the Police regain control of the streets.

At this point, the California government has gone to rogue with being a sanctuary state defying federal immigration laws. Government corruption and Political correctness has made the state impossible to govern. The high crime rate from Illegal immigrants poses a threat to public safety. We can see by a super majority of Democrats being kept in office by illegal immigrants voting. The super majority in the state executive and legislative branches have taken the state over the deep end.

Another hypothetical scenario can be if Gov. Brown invites in the El Salvador refugees who just lost their status along with  Somali, middle eastern, and northern African refugees to flood California evade possible future deportation because California is a Sanctuary state. We can see parts of LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Fresno. San Bernardino and Orange County have these Muslims no go zones like they have in Germany, the UK and Sweden were first responders or utility crews, postal workers and delivery drivers are attacked. Rape gangs roaming the streets sexually assaulting females at random like it is in western Europe.

Also with the new law passed in California where under children can not be arrested in the Golden State. Some Muslims might take advantage of this law to sell underage girls into sexual slavery as Tommy Robinson describes and exposing in the UK with no help from the police to rescue these children being pimped by Muslims.

We can hear report of rape gangs roaming the streets sexually assaulting females at random like it is in western Europe. The State governor might tell females not to wear skirts or sexy bathing suits to avoid being raped like the German government tells young German girls to do. All in the name of cultural enrichment and political correctness.

The police and judges would be ordered to look at the other way-going lenient on these precious refugees if they rape a child, their defense would be it is their culture to rape at will or a sexual emergency. The victim of these rapes could be told it is their fault by the police and courts. If a woman dares fight back against these migrants trying to attack her. She could go to jail for assault and battery for exercising her God-given right to defend herself from a violent sexual crime. This has happened in Europe. I would not put it past the governor and the legislator in California to turn the golden state into a third world lawless hell hole.

Imagine the freeways in southern California filled with migrants throwing rocks at cars and attacking long haul truckers. This is what is happening in Europe. We can see many truckers refusing to deliver freight to California for fear of their safety if the interstates and state roads are not secure routs anymore. This could put a strain on logistics keeping the basic necessities from getting on the store shelves.

What about the strained healthcare system? Many County hospitals and private health care facilities are struggling to take care of people from south of the border who are here legally. If Gov Brown welcomes in these so called refugees from Africa and the middle east. These men are bringing in diseases from the third world that are highly contagious. This is a public health threat to the people of California.

Adding insult to injury, we can see a major shortage of healthcare workers who are mostly female. Many woman who are Doctors, nurses and orderlies in Germany are attacked for no reason by these invaders trying to treat these fighting age men. Some have contracted these diseases that are resistant to antibiotics. We can see this shortage of female healthcare workers leaving California not wanting to be attacked or raped. The Police could be told not to arrest them and they are put in harms way contracting on these third world diseases.

When the state government of California has turn the state into a lawlessness hell hole. A state where the law abiding people are in danger by the destructive policies that go against federal law. When the state government goes to rogue and thumbs its nose of the law while innocent Californians are being attacked for no reason. San Francisco is a prime example of the system where an illegal immigrant deported several times killing Kate Stienle  was found not guilty of murder, not even a manslaughter conviction because the courts, the prosecutor and the judge corrupted the process selecting an impartial jury.(I bet that jury was part illegal aliens and Social justice warriors) I would not find it hard to believe if the jury box was a rigged vour dire process to ensure a certain outcome.

So what can the President of the United States do? Trying to reform the state government by the ballot box with competent and honorable public servants is next to impossible with the rampant voter fraud by allowing illegal aliens to vote. The system is rigged in California where the American citizens in California don’t have a voice anymore.

So would there be the major or severe catalyst event where the Governor squander resources in an even of a major earthquake, a state of emergency or some other natural disaster? Lawlessness in the streets where no law-abiding Californian is safe from the criminals. So how would the President respond to an out of control state government putting its people in harm’s way? How can constitutional state government be restored to California?

Would the President have to invade Sacramento and the major cities in California to restore order and keep the peace? Anything is possible with a military take-over of the government under a state of emergency with an incompetent and corrupt government as a last resort. I hope the POTUS along with the consent of Congress votes to relieve the legislator of both political parties and Governor from duty(no the state constitution) and put in an interim governor and legislator until new elections can be scheduled so the people of California (not illegal immigrants) can elect a new state constitutional government?

I am not for the Federal government taking over the state government by force. It could set a bad precedent for future presidents to justify their actions going to a state for some nefarious reason. President Lincoln invaded Maryland to prevent a vote for secession. However, it might be a necessary evil to restore power back to the people to the state.

I hope the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007, the Insurrection act of 1807 and the War Powers act of 1973 gets repealed someday so the future presidents do not have these unconstitutional power over the states. If President Trump is going to call a place a shithole. Let it be California calling out Gov Brown and his out of control Democrats in the State Legislators creating third world conditions in the continental United States.

What would your solution be restoring power back to the people of California peacefully?

The Real Ugly Truth About Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee

To be a public servant serving the people is a privilege and honor, not an entitlement to preferential treatment. The Democratic congresswoman from Houston Texas Sheila Jackson Lee’s elitist attitude about the people she serves needs to be exposed for the person she really is. The truth is that she does not speak for Houstonians by the antigun and draconian legislation she has backed as well has filed does not speak for the needs of Black Americans anymore. Actually, she is the problem keeping black people in the plantation with her hateful rhetoric that is so divisive. She holds back the people in her district in the ghetto called the fifth ward in Houston.

There is more to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee than the bills she has filed that attack our constitutional rights. Her true character and her ethical nature come into question. She has been caught breaking election laws being at the polling places shaking hands with voters to arrogantly taking a cell phone call in the middle of a town-hall meeting when a constituent was asking a question. The Texas congresswoman blew her off looking at her phone instead of answering the question.

It also has been reported that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is called the boss from hell. She has a high turnover of staffers and aids because of her abusive treatment. Some former employees of her have had to seek medical attention because the stress, she has caused treating her staff horribly. One account from a former employee stated:

One staffer recalls a frank conversation with his doctor, who told him he needed to quit. “It’s your life or your job,” the doctor told him, warning that the stress and long hours were wreaking havoc on his body.

When I read about Sheila Jackson Lee bumping a passenger who already prepaid her first class seat to accommodate the Texas congresswoman who didn’t make reservations beforehand. I can understand if the President called an emergency joint session of Congress because our nation was in imminent danger. That would be the only exception I can understand. Otherwise, there was no other reason to bump a passenger. If there was no national emergency where she had to return to the nations capital. Then there is no reason to bump a paying customer who already made a reservation and prepaid for the seat in advance. There should be no preferential treatment because she is a member of congress when there is no national emergency.

The Texas congresswoman should have made reservations ahead of time like everyone else. I wonder how many times before has she bumped first class passengers who paid for their seats weeks in advance. It would not surprise me if she has done it before.
When the Texas congresswoman responded to the allegation about the passenger that was bumped off the flight showing a picture of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee in the seat of the bumped passenger. She used the race card as a response.

This type of arrogance and elitist attitude is why Congress has a low approval rating. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is the poster child for term limits. This is a woman who has used her office to get her way at other’s expense. I say all members of Congress should have to make reservations in advance like other paying customers. They should also go through the TSA screenings like all the other passenger have to endure. No one should be above the rules, Not even Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

Is The Election Really Over in Alabama?

Something does not add up with the special election for AG Jeff Sessions Senate seat. The red flags started going up when a Fox News poll had Doug Jones was ahead of Judge Roy Moore ten points a day before the election. I can tell the fix was in. Previous polls had Judge Roy Moore ahead of Doug Jones regardless of the accusations against the former state Supreme court Chief Justice.

The Republican establishment and the leftist Senatorial Democrats did not want Judge Roy Moore to be in the US Senate because he would just like President Trump who is wrecking ball against the status quo. Judge Roy Moore would be like a bull in a china shop if he is seated as a US Senator.

Judge Roy Moore is a threat to the establishment. What makes him different than the average public servant? Even though he was removed twice as Chief Justice in the state Supreme Court. The first time for refusing to remove a display of the Ten Commandments from the State Supreme Court’s grounds and the second was for not acknowledging and enforcing the US Supreme Court ruling making same-sex marriage legal.

This is why Judge Roy Moore is a threat to the establishment because he is not afraid to stand on what he believes no matter what the cost. He paid a price twice  for standing up for what he knows is right. Having a man-like Roy Moore in the Senate would really upset the apple cart because he is not afraid to risk it all.

This is why Roy Moore is pursuing not conceding the election and waiting until every legal vote is counted regardless of the media optics and the bad press and conservatives calling him to concede. He is not afraid to risk it all as a patriot. This is the type of man we need in the Senate. Not an empty suit like Doug Jones.

To hear Roger Stone say even if Roy Moore won. Sen Mitch McConnell will investigate his campaign finances and paperwork and use the sexual allegations hook that were proven false as an excuse not to seat him. If that did happen. I can see the good Lord bring the skeletons at out the Majority Leaders closet showing him in reproach.

I am sadly disappointed that President Trump and Roger Stone have called for Roy Moore to concede instead of a least being neutral until the absentee ballots from the military serving abroad come in.  The Alabama Secretary of State will not certify the election until after the holidays. For Roger Stone who is politically savvy calling himself a libertine saying, Judge Roy Moore views are extreme and out of the mainstream is hogwash.

Roger Stone may know politicians in Alabama, But he does not know the people who live in the state and the values to the south very well.

If Roy Moore is found out to have really won the election after the dead votes are nullified. Especially after it has been reported by Paul Joseph Watson that people were taken across state lines to vote in a place of a deceased person.

America will thank Judge Roy Moore if he can prevail showing he has actually won the election. At the same time exposing voter and election fraud. Maybe sparking a national outcry for returning to paper ballots making computerized voting machines unreliable and illegal therefor having integrity returned to our elections.

When it comes to crucial votes concerning future Supreme Court Picks and repealing Obamacare. We cannot afford that seat going to a leftist democrat who does not reflect the values among the people of Alabama.

The Republican voters in Alabama did not want  Rep. Mo Brooks a never Trumper or Luther Strange an establishment pick by Mitch McConnell. The voters chose Roy Moore because the conservative base knew the Judge and his character regardless of the accusations.

As for myself, I was raised in the south most of my life. A man looking for a younger woman and parents giving their blessing to their young daughter marrying an older man was very common. Especially if the man was established and has a stable life with good standing in the community. In the old south, it was not taboo. Therefor not creepy for that period of time.

If Judge Moore is the winner when all investigations are done and the votes counted. Call him extreme and out of touch. However, with a razor margin Republican majority in the US Senate. We cannot afford the seat go with a man like Doug Jones who does not speak for the people of Alabama.

To allow Doug Jones to be seated in the Senate only emboldens the democrats vote fraud machine running up to the midterm elections. To concede this seat will hurt the Trump agenda. This is a victory we can not afford to hand over to the establishment.

Review of the Movie About Donald Trump in”The Art of the Insult”

The Movie Producer Joel Gilbert does it again with another movie “The Art of the Insult.” He has produced previous films “Dreams from my Real Father” which proves President Obama was born in the United States, not in Kenya showing that his true father is a communist propagandist named Frank Marshal Davis. His follow-up film “There is no place like utopia” another movie that documents the disaster socialism is to the nation. Both very good films I have in my collection.

Joel Gilbert hits it out of the park again with his next movie about President Donald Trump who written the book” Art of a Deal.” This movie is a mimic title is called the “The Art of the Insult” showing candidate Trump on the campaign trail taking on the media, Hollywood celebrities and his political opponents. A clear demonstration in the manner how he did it breaking all the rules of political correctness.

When I brought the movie online from the website. I was waiting and watching with anticipation at my mailbox for the DVD to come. I popped the movie in right away into my DVD player. The movie is entertaining as well as funny seeing the liberal left Democrats, with a willing media and the Republican establishment melting down every time when candidate Trump opens his mouth or tweets.

Joel Gilbert in his production” The Art of the Insult” holds nothing back with his compilation of Donald Trump’s famous insults and counter punches to those who dare try to demonize him for his political incorrectness speaking his mind.

This movie is not a waste of money to purchase. This movie is the demonstration why the American people put Donald Trump into the White House because he was speaking what was on the voter’s minds for years.

I give this movie five stars because it is funny, entertaining as well as educational. Thank you Joel Gilbert. You have done it again.

President Trump’s Next Move Should be Pulling Out of the United Nations Small Arms Trade Treaty?

Ever since President Trump came into office last January. He has shown to take steps to withdraw America from the global agenda. So far, he has shown he intends to keep his promises to the people who put him in office. When the 45th president was sworn in, he wasted no time starting to pull us out of the New World Order.

On day one when President Trump was in Office. He signed an executive order pulling us out of the Trans Pacific Partnership, which would have been a disaster to the country. This is a very bad treaty where American’s quality of life would have been in peril. So kudos to the POTUS for taking the first step getting us out of the New World Order.

In few months into his Presidency, He pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate treaty. The treaty would have been a further disaster to our economy and our standard of living in the name reducing our carbon footprint while China and other countries would be exempt from the rules.

I give him credit for withdrawing from UNESCO that has far-reaching influence over our education system and agenda 21, and then pulled America out of the UN Migrant and Refugee Compact where the United Nations issues US Passports and does the vetting process outside of the State Department involvement allowing people into the United States who could be a threat to our national security and safety of the American people.

President Trump has called for reducing the funding to the United Nations since taking office. Recently over past actions when in the UN General Assembly vote condemning to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. whether the reader agree or disagrees. It is an agreement between two sovereign nations whether it was the right move or not.

Now we have a Chicago city councilmen and Cook County commissioner are calling for UN Troops to patrol the streets of the windy city instead of national guard troops to restore order. Will the In Peace keepers mission is to confiscate guns in the city? It has been reported that the Chicago city government and cook county officials are now negotiating with the UN.(Where is the Justice Department?)

In recent events of UN corruption and disrespect to our national sovereignty. The opportunity has come for the President to order the removal of the United State’s signature from the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty which threatens our right to keep and bear arms.

This UN agreement nullifies our second amendment if ratified by the US Senate. So I ask the President to remove our signature from the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty so this treaty never comes to the floor for a vote on the Senate floor.

The United Nations Peacekeepers have been caught trafficking young woman and children. Why should we fund and organization that has no accountability for such crimes or neither have nay treaties with when they are so corrupt. This is why Americans need to keep their guns to fend off these monsters who will do harm to our woman and children for profit and sick pleasures. Not in America.

These actions show the UN not to be credible organization to have treaties with. This is why the United States must pull out of the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty.

Making this move would be a death blow to the UN’s plan to usurp our God given rights. So President Trump, please remove our nation from the UN Small Arms Trade treaty now.


The Boy and Girl Scouts.The Leadership Has Failed the Members.Harming the Organization Caving Into the Lunitic Fringe

I never became a Boy Scout. My youngest son loves the scouts. He has learned many skills of the outdoor life being in the scouts. My son likes that no girls are in his Boy Scout Troop. He is not gay. My son along with his fellow scouts oppose admitting females into the organization, Segregation is not always an evil practice in certain circumstances, there are times that men-only organizations do serve a purpose suited to molding a young man’s character like the Girl Scouts have their own sets of activities grooming little ladies for the real world.

We are witnessing now is Pedophilia and other lunatic groups infiltrating or pressuring the BSA to caving in to their demands to virtue signal to a small minority. These special-interest groups, whether the LGBQ or NAMBLA is no more than a cockroach with a bull horn. A loud group; however, can be squashed very easily if the Leadership has the moral courage to do it. If the BSA national leadership knew the News Media today does not have the power it did 20 years ago. It is now an echo chamber where Paul Joseph Watson has more of a YouTube audience watching his videos in a day then CNN,MSNBC and NPR viewers combined.

If the BSA leadership just had to stand their ground adhering to their core values the Scouts were founded on. If the leadership council said a loud “NO” to the LGBTQ agenda and tell them to “go pound sand.” The fake news media would have to fit with endless demonization of the Boy Scouts being sexist and homophobic. This would not be a public relations nightmare on the BSA’s part at all.

Actually if the Boy Scout Leadership took a moral stand despite the pressure from leftist special-interest groups. Their membership would have had a massive increase of new recruits because Americans would want their children involved in organizations that is wholesome and moral that promotes strong character. The institution would become stronger as a result.

Since the Boy Scouts lately has caved into allowing transvestites into the ranks in response to a New Jersey Lawsuit because the Local Scout troop would not allow a cross dresser in. This has only weakened the once great organization because it compromised its core values.

Since the BSA and the Girls Scouts have caved into the Gay mafia. This will create a hostile environment where straight boy and girl scout members will have to stay politically correct being told to use the transgender pronoun for the sex they say they are instead of what gender they were born with. Gender identity of a boy saying he is a girl joining the girl scouts will cause young ladies to leave because they will not want to share a shower or share a tent with them. This compromise will only bring a disruption, not harmony.

The Boy and Girls Scouts have held to major core beliefs that members adhere to being morally straight and honoring God. Caving in to these groups only weaken and water down the teaching these organizations upheld for decades. Now the door is wide open for pedophiles to infiltrate to corrupt the children.

This is why the members nationwide must tell the National councils they will not comply with these new guild lines to accept a group of people whos values are not compatible with the boy and girl scouts. If they want to join, than they must live by the high moral standards and ethics that have made the youth organizations the shining example of upstanding people in the community they serve.

I hope the Boy Scouts bounce back from this lack of strong leadership. The message to the national and state council is they serve the members interest. The scout troops do not serve the leadership. If the Boy Scouts of America are going to be the once great institution with those core values that were the legacy passed down for decades. It will not come from the top down. It is going to come from the grassroots membership saying no to this immoral agenda from the National Leadership council.

We have known all through the years that if we want change to revert to what makes the Boy Scouts great again. It has to come from the grassroots of the members among Scout troops nationwide to bring change that returns to those wholesome values. Those beliefs that have groomed shaping the character of fine leaders over the past that are now Military officers commanding the battlefield to serving in the halls of government.

A word for advice to the state and national councils. President Donald Trump did not win the election caving in and compromising his message and vision for this great republic. The 45th President did it standing his ground for what he knew was right. He made no apologies when people were offended.

I was very disappointed when the National Leadership apologized and buckled under to a small group of malcontents because the POTUS spoke at the annual national Jamboree last summer. Past Presidents have spoken to the scouts at this yearly event without any controversy.

The Boy and Girl Scouts should not make no apologies either if immoral people want to join trying to force the scouts to bend the rules to accommodate them. If they can’t live up to the moral standards the boy and girl scouts want to uphold. Then these crossdressers and transvestites can start their own scout group.

The leadership council of the Boy Scouts of America has failed its members. They have failed America and the future of the organization. It is up to the local BSA troop detachments united nationwide to make the scouts great again.


Is the Anti-American NFL Self Destructing?

I cannot believe what I was seeing on the Fox NFL pre-game show. The panelists were all bashing the President’s remarks about players taking a knee during the national anthem. Terry Bradshaw does not know the anything about the first amendment. What he does not understand is what the NFL, the players, the union doesn’t understand coming to the defense of the players who kneel is free speech does have consequences.

The first amendment does not make anyone immune from the consequences of their actions when their speech is repulsive to the people or if the President disagrees. It is just words he said, if he had them arrested for their speech or sent troops to bully the players to stand for the national anthem against their will. Then I would oppose the President if he did that. The POTUS did not infringe on the player’s right to free speech. He was just showing his passion opposing what the players were doing,

NFL TV ratings are in the tank compared to last season and attendance at the stadiums are at an all-time low. This could be the consequence of the players disrespecting our national heritage. While players were commended by the league for taking a knee. Other athletes were threatened with fines for wearing apparel on game day to commemorate and remember Sept 11th.

Something is wrong with the league when defiling the nation’s flag that gives them the freedom to disrespect our heritage and flag. No wonder the fans are walking away when the very values they hold dear are being trashed by the players.

The NFL used to be a pure Americana institution, a blue-collar American tradition seen every Sunday on TV after church. I disagree with the players taking a knee during the national anthem. It is their right to free speech and how they protested was the most disrespectful way to do it. We do have our problems that need to be dealt with. No country is perfect. Our country does have a history of atrocities. I just hope the players understand is out of these tragedies that are a scourge on our history. Through the constitutional process, we have corrected these injustices over time. Few nations have that freedom to correct injustice. Try taking a knee during Cuba’s national anthem before a soccer game protesting Raul Castro’s human rights abuses. They would be arrested and executed really fast.

The first amendment protects unpopular speech as well as popular rhetoric. The President has a right to speak his mind like anyone else. He is perfectly fine accepting the fallout that will come. I do not hear him complain about his speech being attacked. The President did not infringe on anyone’s right to free speech. He was just voicing his displeasure, which is no way an attack on free speech.

If the POTUS sent the FBI agents to arrest all the players for taking a knee during the national anthem. Put them on a transport plane and send them to GITMO. Even though I despise the players for disrespecting the flag. I would have a real problem if the President arrested them because of their speech regardless of what they did was disrespectful to do. I will still stand up for their right to make a complete fool of themselves. Freedom of speech is American as apple pie.

Who is being divisive? To me, it was the players who took a knee that drew first blood enraging the fan base insulting their patriotism. To accuse the President remarks being repulsive is hogwash. The President was just reacting to the actions of the players who showed disrespect to the nation he holds dear to his heart.

I have some strong advice to the players of the NFL and the league. Count the cost of your actions. Starbucks Coffee took a hit for disrespecting veterans and pro-family Americans. If the organization does not have an epiphany about the backlash coming, then the NFL, the acronym for the National Football League will now be NO FANS LEFT. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That means the consequences of their deeds.

I do not see the league taking any responsibility to correct the players. Too bad, Football is pure Americana the NFL is destroying. The late coach Vince Lombardi must be rolling over in his grave now. What is your opinion?