Russian Athletes Were Not Allowed to Show their Country’s Flag in Opening Winter Olympic Ceremony.


This doping scandal accusing the Russian athletes of using performance enhancing supplements I think is a hoax to punish Russia. I believe Russia is being punished for defying the New World Order. This is selective enforcement to single out one country.There are dirty athletes from other countries not causing the whole team from being disqualified to participate in the games . Only Russians by punishing those who are innocent of doping by not allowing them to carry their nation’s flag while other countries were caught doping are still allowed to carry their flags says something stinks to high heaven,

With political correctness and the Russian federation passing a law prohibiting from teaching homosexuality in public schools so children to live in peace and not have this confusion rammed down their throats in their early years. Russia did not attack Gay rights. They just prohibited teaching this type of deviance to minors. I remember very well watching Bob Costa virtue signal by bashing Russia for their anti-gay policy while the games were hosted in Sochi ruined the joy of watching the games.


Now the Winter Olympic games are in Korea. I know the Olympic committee has banned Russia from participating in the winter games over this so called doping scandal. But athletes from Russia can participate. I believe this has nothing to do with doping at all. What I witnessed watching the opening ceremony in Korea made me very upset to see how Russian athletes were treated. All the nations were called by names all carrying their country’s flag. All the nations held their flags waving them except the Russian Federation. Instead, it read ” Athletes from Russia” Not the Russian Federation with no flag.


This is hypocrisy, The same body that banned Russian Team as a nation because doping gave an unfair competitive advantage now  says if a man declares he is a woman. He can participate in woman events having an unfair advantage over female athletes really raises questions about the credibility and integrity of the International Olympic Committee over performance enhancement drug. Now when a man saying he is a female does exposes the hypocrisy or doping giving an unfair advantage over other athletes?So I wonder will the Olympic committee ban countries who will not allow transgender males to participate as a female athletes on their team? It would not surprise me.

Before people jump to conclusions saying Russia got what they deserve. Think about this for a second if countries like Poland, Hungry, Romania, the Czech Republic and even the America, who is defying the New World Order not allowing no more refugees or cracking down on illegal immigration into their countries. Could we along with these countries get a doping scandal and get banned in the next Olympic games? Will these athletes be reduced to not be allowed to show their country’s flag and national pride if they want to participate in the Olympic games?

I want the athletes from Russia not be stripped of their dignity to show their patriotism. This attack on Russian patriotism is an attack on all nations who want to participate in the Olympic games who want to represent their countries. Barring them by prohibiting these athletes for showing their national pride of the country they represent because their government will not play ball with the globalist should make us all angry.

If there was any doping of athletes; then let the individual be disqualified, not the whole team. I call on people to go on social media and #allowtherussianflag


2 thoughts on “Russian Athletes Were Not Allowed to Show their Country’s Flag in Opening Winter Olympic Ceremony.”

  1. The difference between individual athletes using dope and Russia is that in Russia it was government-sanctioned, and government agency was very actively helping to cover it up. Read about the scale of this activity. So yes, banning the criminal state while allowing individual innocent athletes is very wise and completely justified move.

    As for naivete about new world order, again read for example. Russia always have been, is, and will be totalitarian country regardless of its current name. Its society has nothing in common with democratic values, and the more the world isolated from them, the better. The Iron Curtain was actually a very good idea protecting the West.

  2. Ridiculous to say the least! Nations that commit genocide are allowed to show their flags while the nation that actually fights terrorism, instead of supporting it, gets further demonized by the same American media that lied about Russiagate and about President Trump. Leave it to the USA to politicize ANYTHING that fits a certain agenda.

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