2018 Must be the Year of Dealing with Voter and Election Fraud or the Democrats Will take Back Congress

The defeat by Judge Roy Moore in Alabama must be the battle cry to start dealing with the integrity of our elections. So far to the rest of the world, they see our election system as a joke because voter and election fraud is rampant nationwide. What happened in Alabama can not happen again. So where do we begin? First, we must support Judge Roy Moore’s court case contending the election results. Hopefully through discovery in a trial, the truth of what really happened in Alabama comes to light. Maybe there will be a public outcry so intense. Election reform might be possible.

When I say come to light. Exposing the people with out of state drivers licenses  voting in  multiple precincts along with the deceased voting. Did you know the Veterans of the Spanish American War endorsed Doug Jones for the Senate? I know the Veterans of the Mexican war endorsed Hillary Clinton. (A little sarcastic humor.)

So how do we deal with keeping dead people from voting? It should be made law that the County Vital statistics office notify the county supervisor of elections with a death certificate entered into the database of the deceased person so they cannot be registered to vote. Then political oporatives can’t register people to vote reading the local obituaries and prevent democrat hacks from writing down the names on tombstones at the city cemetery.

When there are dead people voting and illegal immigrants being allowed to cast ballots only reserved for US citizens alive and kicking by stuffing the ballot box with  illegal votes . This is how the elections are stolen from the people. This is why the Democrats oppose voter ID laws because this would not allow illegal immigrates and dead people to vote help them stay in power.

As one solution I will propose is not only a voter ID law requirement. I would propose the repeal the Motor Voter laws that allow Illegal immigrants to register the vote getting a drivers license ,especially in California and Chicago. Democrats have abused this Motor Voter law to register people ineligible to vote. But a picture voter ID issued by the county supervisor of elections proving with the proper documents they are legally naturalized Americans or native born citizens of this country and state they live in. It can be considered a valid ID just like a drivers license. A form of ID separate from state issued cards and Driver licenses.  Mexico has a voter ID card issued to legal voters which is also recognized as a valid ID for other services just like a Driver License recognized by the government.

The next reform to our elections is getting rid of the electronic voting machines. George Soros and other Globalist corporations who have a stake in keeping the corrupt puppets in power by tampering with the results of the election to keep the corrupt government officials in power despite the pubic outrage against these politicians. We need to go back to paper ballots with a control number matching the voter to the ballot with hard copies kept in storage and digital copies scanned on computer with instant access. When voter is finished casting their ballot. The get a stub with the control number matching the ballot.

Larry Nichols a longtime Clinton insider told people in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin to request and vote using a paper ballot instead of electronic voting machines. This is what I believed carried President Trump over the top winning these states because of paper ballots being used instead of using electronic voting machines.

As the voters, who must keep watch over our government. History has proven they cannot be trusted to run a fair and open election. We have to be there to watch the ballots to be counted in public view. We have plenty of digital cameras and camcorders that are very cheap to buy to use to record the counting of the ballots with the tabulation recorded on paper and on video.

We have to network with other patriots to poll watch and do exit polling as well as watch the ballots being counted at every precinct along with other groups doing the same thing. The more groups that have the same result watching the count. The better because election fraud would be hard to pull off if we can get plenty of volunteers out at all the precincts and the central tabulation place in the county watching their every move.. All 50 states require the ballot counting be open to the public at all levels. We cannot trust the government to be honest. We have to be breathing down their necks to make sure they do not try to cheat/ The American people are the government, not the politicians who want to govern against the will of the people.

Our declaration of Independence said” All just powers derive from the consent of the governed”. Did you vote for a city councilmen, mayors, county commissioners so they can keep raising your property taxes every year? Did we vote for the war on drugs so police to take your property without being charged? Did you vote for a police state with a bunch of laws that violate the constitution? The reason is most of the elections were rigged is why our freedoms have eroded because there are people in government office who don’t belong there who cheated to stay in power.

Voter and Election fraud shields corrupt politicians from real public accountability at the ballot box. They got away with it so long because the fix was always in no matter how much the people oppose the way they govern because nothing changes. Did you see constantly were good upstanding people seeking public office who want to shrink the size of government or even eliminating the property tax altogether running on a pro growth platform to make necessary changes in the system for the benefit of the people never seem to get traction on election day? Most likely it is because the fix was in from the beginning.

It is because many of these politicians in power from local to federal are in these seats of government illegitimately because of a stolen election by fraud because they control the voting mechanism. This is why this country and many major big cities are in shambles being ran into the ground.

Voter and election fraud is not a victimless crime at all. How many people’s livelihoods and standard of living has been affected for the worse because of politicians kept in office by election and voter fraud? It has done the most harm to the people who are the most poorest stuck in the ghettos with no hope of escaping their condition because of corrupt government policies. This is why there are so many of these big cities like Chicago that are living hellholes. The voters can never seem to get rid of the political corruption and tackle the high crime in the city and county because the Windy city is known for election and voter fraud because the fix was always in before the first ballot was cast.

I propose that election and voter fraud no longer be just a felony. I suggest Voter and election fraud should be considered a high crime of TREASON because it is a conspiracy of two or more individuals planning to overthrow the government at the ballot box. The people are the government, not the politicians. It is giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States by shielding the corruption of political officers so these politicians keep violating their oaths who wage war against their constituents they are supposed to serve because election and voter fraud shields the ruling class from accountability.

Maybe a few public hangings for treason in the public squares might be a deterrent to anyone ever thinking about stealing an election since in most states and the federal government have treason defined in their constitutions of what it is. The penalty of treason is death.

We can’t wait on the politicians to reform our election system. It has to be a grassroots effort nationwide this November. We have to take charge. If we trust the government to fix our election system. It is like taking ex-lax believing it will relieve you of diarrhea. You get my point. Any more ideas? If the Democrats take over congress by fraud this midterm election. It will be our fault if we trust and believe the government to be fair and honest counting the votes. Than we are the ones to blame.


2 thoughts on “2018 Must be the Year of Dealing with Voter and Election Fraud or the Democrats Will take Back Congress”

  1. when the memo comes out, they will accuse every democratic of being fascists…..watch…….can’t wait…got my popcorn…..

  2. I have been writing my representatives since the last election telling them that investigation into voter fraud is the most important issue to me. If enough of us send a message, they will act. They are politicians who, despite the corruption, still want votes.

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