Rest in Peace Greg Evenson, A Former Host of RBN Passed Away January 27, 2018

One of the men I admired much is Greg Evenson who had a show on Republic Broadcasting Network in the past has passed away January 27, 2018. The cause is unknown at this time. Greg Evenson was a warrior and patriot. I got the news from Steve Quayle on the Daniel Ott’s show on his YouTube channel broadcast from yesterday’s upload.

Greg Evenson was a highly decorated Kansas Highway patrolmen, was a school teacher in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Greg has for years worked hard to expose the new world order and played part by his own words organizing a militia for the defense of the republic.

Greg was also a devout God fearing Christian who called on people to repent and to be spiritually strong to face the challenges coming showing his duty as a follower of Jesus Christ was to expose evil.

Greg Evenson has made an appearance in the documentary movie “Revelation” the follow up film of “Behold a Pale Horse” and hosted a show for a time on Republic Broadcasting network called Heartland USA. He has been a guest on many Patriot talk shows and has written many articles calling out the tyrannical agenda against America.

As patriots, we must not forget that without Greg Evenson tirelessly along with people like Alan Stang, Officer Jack McLamb, Jack Otto, Eustis Mullins and many other patriots who endured the hardships and persecution to sound off against the New World Order who are now deceased, but not forgotten. We might not be where we are defeating the globalist trying to bring down America without these great men leading the charge when it was unpopular to take a stand.

As the old warriors who for years have worked hard to expose the evil plans of the New World Order. We must learn from their example and take up the torch of liberty and press on to victory.

So when Greg meets his Lord. I hope his words are from the son of God “Well done good and faithful servant.”

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