Remembering the Day the Space Shuttle Challenger Exploded January 28, 1986

That morning in Florida where I lived at the time was very cold that day. I was at the local community collage for an even that day. When the news of the space shuttle Challenge exploded. The mood among my classmates became very somber. We did not have access to a TV at the time. When most of us came home. When we all came home to find out what really happened. We all seen the explosion happen over and over on TV. We only had the three networks giving us the news at the time. We didn’t have IPhones or internet access back then to see what was going on in real time. Seeing the body language of some of the newsmen on TV trying to keep their composure seeing the Shuttle explode on live TV. Even the corporate media back in 1986 had some integrity did mourned with the nation.

This day does still brings many emotions back to my memory even through it was 32 years ago. Many of us knew where we were and what we were doing that day when the news broke. Even though I lived in west central Florida. We can see the Space Shuttle launch on a clear day. The weather was clear and very cold that day. My mom watched the shuttle launch from west central Florida on the gulf coast. She seen something went wrong from that distance, She raced inside the house to turn on the TV. As Americans we all were shocked and numb that day,

Still space is the final frontier planning to break out of the Earth’s orbit to return to the moon and go to Mars.  There will be great men and woman who will to risk their lives to go to the stars and beyond. There will be setbacks and triumphs. The Challenger explosion even though tragic did not hold back the space program. Now is the time we pick up where we left off to reach for the stars.

3 thoughts on “Remembering the Day the Space Shuttle Challenger Exploded January 28, 1986”

    1. It goes much deeper … ” Bearden also says that the loss of the shuttle CHALLENGER on Jan 28 1986 was caused by the addition of a metal softening pattern in exothermic mode onto the booster” … The space shuttle accidents, according to Tom Bearden, were done by the Russians using scalar weapons. [ Russians = Deep / Dark State Luciferians ]

      ” Because even if breakup of the shuttle was actually just an accident, it is just as big a story THAT IT COULD HAVE BEEN a scalar attack. People need to wake up to the kinds of new weapons now deployed in this world. ”
      The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

    2. Right you are the shuttle was on auto-pilot with NO ONE on board and was in essence SHOT DOWN.

      Why? Well we have currently NO WAY to get to the Space Station. The importance of this fact will be apparent in time.

      Multi decade conspiracy? I hate to break it to you folks but that is the way this poor World WORKS.

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