Pres. Trump’s Art of Political Warfare vs. The Pro Illegal Immigration DACA Crowd?

The issue of illegal immigration has been a hot button issue for a long time. Americans are fed up with the lack of enforcement of the laws on the books not deporting people who crossed the border and the lack of prosecution of employers who hire workers who have no right to be in America.

The cornerstone of the Trump campaign was cracking down on illegal immigration. His message has resonated with 63 million people who cast their vote in the 2016 election based on dealing with on this controversial issue. The truth is now is President Trump going back on his word?

We just had a government shutdown because the Democrats wanted DACA passed to go hand and hand to keep the funding of the government. Sen. Chuck Schumer was exposed for his real true colors of his real motivation. The POTUS showed the country the Democrats want no DACA deal. The wanted to politically wound him by blaming the government shutdown on President Trump and the republicans. It has backfired on the Democrats.

I am very concerned the Patriot media are jumping to conclusions and rushing to judgement on Amnesty for 1.8 million illegal immigrants proposed by Steven Miller who is a pro immigration enforcement hawk. Is this part of President Trump’s art of Political warfare to finally defeat the open borders crowd once and for all be energizing his political base who oppose amnesty in any form.

The result of Steven Millers proposal shows Democrats and the pro illegal immigrant RINOs will never be satisfied no matter what is put on the table. Even after putting on the table giving amnesty to 1.8 million illegals which is more than double the 800,000 dreamers under the DACA proposal if they will fund the Border wall and [ass his merit based immigration bill.

When the president is about to do his first State of the Union speech on Jan. 29th. He defeated DACA ending the government shutdown. When he has proposed a merit based immigration reform that will attract the best and brightest from around the world who will be a benefit to the country, with the requirement they can’t go on welfare for 5 years, by ending chain migration, ending the visa lottery system. I hope also putting an end the abuse by corporations  using the H1B visa program to bring in cheap labor when Americans need jobs.

I hope for the best and prepared for the worse. I hope this is part of the POTUS’s art of political warfare against the democrats that have been successful in the past with similar tactics attacking conservatives and patriots are now are being used against them. A new kind of political warfare from a leader who is not a puppet to multinational corporations. He cannot be controlled, a loose cannon and only answers to the American people.

For now based on how he has defeated his opposition in the past with some political moves that even enraged the base turning against him. Later only to be on the right side of the issue drawing out the globalist. I will just have to wait and see by not rushing to judgement or jumping to conclusions. What do you think?


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