Six Reasons Why the NSA is Useless and Must Be Dismantled.

The National Security Agency has now become a threat to everyone. It does not matter who is in the White House or what party is in power in congress. The NSA has become a law unto itself or become weaponized for political reasons. It has out served its usefulness keeping America safe from threats within the United State and from abroad. The Former NSA director Michael Hayden admitted the agency no longer listens to dangerous people, but interesting people. Who are interesting people are he talking about? Could it be celebrity nude pictures and their text messages? Could the NSA be used by multinational corporations going after their competition? If true is a clear abuse of power.

Anyway here is why the NSA is useless:

1. When there were flash mobs nationwide attacking innocent people at carnivals and county fairs because they got a text message to go and attack at these locations. Where was the NSA helping the police track down who sent the message.

2. What about the ransomware that has invaded computers telling people to pay money to unlock computers. No one in the NSA lifted a finger to find out who is behind it.

3. What about the hackers that broke into businesses and the VA getting credit card and personal information? I don’t see the NSA taking action to find out who did it.

3. Where are Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 missing emails? I don’t see an effort by the NSA  to retrieve them.

4. What about those five months of  text message between an FBI agent Strzok and his lover Ms. Page talking about their plans how to remove President Trump from office? These text messages should be stored in the NSA databases. I bet the NSA has mine.

5. The NSA has helped the DOJ by wiretapping Lawyers who represented the defendants in Federal trials talking to their clients that violates Attorney Client privilege in order to help the Federal prosecutors.  I hope lawyers tell their clients not to discuss the case over the phone and when in office. When confiding with client, it should be where there is no electronic devices or even a phone in the room so the lawyers can maintain confidentiality of their clients.

6.  The agency is now so politicized with political hacks doing the bidding for the corrupt officials whos only interest is holding on to power at all cost. Weaponizing this agency as a tool go after the opposition and enemies to their agenda poses a threat to our republican form of government. It has been rumored that chief Justice John Roberts was blackmailed by the NSA to rule in favor of Obamacare.

This agency has blackmailed congressmen and senators to make them vote for a certain way that is not in the best interest  of the American people. The agency has become a government and a law on to itself which makes government entity a technocratic system a danger to our democratic process that Dwight D Eisenhower warned in his farewell address to the nation as a threat to our liberties.

The NSA was started by executive order under the Administration of President Harry Truman at the start of the cold war with the Soviet Union. President Trump can dismantle and shut down the NSA by the same executive action. I just hope the POTUS has the will to do it.




4 thoughts on “Six Reasons Why the NSA is Useless and Must Be Dismantled.”

  1. Funny, how the NSA and AIPAC have the same goals, controlling the elections, blackmailing representatives, ect, with the aim of subverting the republic, not to mention, the will of the people.

  2. You must be kidding.

    Trump do anything against the security establishment or indeed the Pentagon Frankenstein?

    He is literally their creature, sharing his direction with special interests like the Israel Lobby, also well-connected with the security-military establishment.

    God, when are the Trump people going to learn?

    This is exactly the wrong guy to do anything like that.

    Indeed, he’s proved he’s a coward.

    1. Right. Trump has shown himself to be 100% with the financial/military/intelligence/ industrial establishment. He would never do anything other than what the NSA, CIA, pentagon, Goldman Sachs, AIPAC, etc., tell him to do.
      Marc Faber said GS is Israel, M.C. Piper that the CIA and Mossad are so intertwined as to be the same agency. There is no reason to believe that the NSA and US military and State Departent are any different–occupied, not sovereign. Trump is just there to put a “pretty,” superficially acceptable, face on a very ugly situation. He is no JFK and will not stand up to real power.

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