Western Europe Must Return and Rediscover Their Christian Roots to Counter the Muslim Invasion and the New World Order

Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

Psalm 94:16

Once a long time ago in western European countries of Germany, Sweden, Great Britain and France had strong Christian roots. The people were very strong in biblical principles that promoted high moral standards being the salt of the earth. Now it seems the Church has become very ineffective no longer the moral compass of Western Europe. Christianity was a very strong influence in Western European societies long ago, now the church is just a structure and no longer an institution as a strong moral anchor to preserve stability their societies.

I do not blame the present younger populations for the decline of influence in the Christian faith. It started long time ago. I blame it on the Church leaders back decades ago who tolerated infiltrators who are mostly communist operatives coming in the church watering down the Gospel of Jesus Christ making it of no effect. This has happened to Russia prior to the Bolshevik takeover in 1917. Many of these churches in Western Europe are now state run, which makes the institution a former shell of what it was because it was weakened from within.

As a result in the lack of strong influence of the body of Christ in Western Europe brought the nations into severe decline allowing corruption to take root inside the church and in government. Feminist propaganda and political correctness have taken over society’s thoughts and behavior rendering people mentally and spiritually defenseless to counteract the cultural corruption. Because of the media’s propaganda, they are unable to think for themselves because of the media brainwashing mocking Christianity. Most people in Western Europe have no ability to discern right from wrong and good from evil as a result of the government propaganda machine opposing Christian values.

Men now have been psychologically neutered believing masculinity is bad. The State has become God abandoning the principles of the Bible that have safeguarded nations from outside threats coming in and discerning evil within from taking hold. In Germany, Christian churches that were historical landmarks are either being demolished to have Islamic places of worship being built on top of the grounds once occupied by the church or converted into Mosques. In Germany, The people are shamed who are nationalist using the term of being a NAZI using false guilt of the past when their is nothing wrong with being a patriot when the government’s policies are destroying their societies.

As a result, the consequence of feminism and political correctness is the ladies of western Europe have lost their protectors because men are shamed of being masculine being the defenders of their people. German TV shows, in fashion and propaganda outlets are encouraging ladies to wear the burka of the hijab to submit to Islam rather than fight against it. It seems the enemy has overran western Europe. Thank God for Poland, Russian ,The Czech republic, Romania and other countries in eastern Europe are rediscovering to their Christian roots not allowing the Muslim invasion to take root in their countries.

So where is the Christian remnant in Western Europe? Where are the Christians standing up for their own lands and people? What happened to the body of Christ in Europe? If Western Europeans are ever to reclaim their homelands from the insanity coming from the government and the Muslim invasion. When there is violence and rapes going on a daily basis where the state attacks its own citizens who dare speak up against the edicts that encourage this chaos in these countries. Where are the Christians standing up to this evil that has plagued their nations? Do they have a message to bring to the people to turn back to their Christian roots and repent?

Life needs to be brought back into the Churches of Western Europe where their message is the pure biblical message that is appealing to the young people that resonates hope in their spirits. The message that brings excitement and being empowered by the scriptures to breath to life into their hearts. A message so profound with true meaning and purpose transcending with signs and wonders. That it attracts some of the migrants from the middle east to be converted into the Christian faith poised to evangelize their own people in the refugee centers. Also being ready to go back their homelands to preach the message of the Christian faith in the face of danger of persecution knowing they will be martyrs for Christ.

The Prophet Isaiah said about his writing inspired by the Holy Spirit saying in 59:19:

When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.

It seems like western Europe is being overran by a hell force from within and from without. Will the remnant come together as a counter force against the politicians betraying their own people from inside the government and from a culture not compatible with the Christian faith coming in from the outside bent on conquest for Islam?

Will the remnant raise the standard inside the body of Christ to call for repentance, calling for righteousness and exhortation? Most likely, it will not come from the modern-day churches that have compromised themselves caving into the demands of the hardcore Muslims, the leftist from the World Council of Churches and political correctness in the name of cultural enrichment and not offending anyone.

The remnant will have to do what Jesus has done, which is bypassing the establishment church going directly to the people evangelizing by encouraging and teaching the people return and rediscover their Christian roots. Will the remnant be bold enough to endure the persecution facing danger from a government and the doctrine of Islam that is hostile to the teachings of Jesus Christ? Will they go underground setting up home fellowships hiding from the Sharia patrols so Christians  can worship God to the dictates of their own conscience without the being harassed by fundamentalist Muslims?

These nationalist movements arising in western Europe trying to counter the Muslim invasion being aided a abetted by their own government have some odds that may seem impossible that they must overcome. If these movements are going to be successful pushing back Islam and the globalist in the government. It has to be Christ centered returning to their Christian roots because without Jesus with his message of the good news of the gospel. Their efforts will be in vain.

What are your thoughts?