What Does Veteran Holidays and Martin Luther King Day Have in Common?

These are those certain days when there is a media photo op for the career politicians to get votes or pander to a voter block. There will be speeches and parades. There will be ceremonies where people give honor and dedication to those who made an impact on American history. These very people who say they are public servants to me are a bunch of hypocrites. These people do not deserve to have their pictures taken with people who served their country with distinction and honor on the battlefield or on American streets peacefully protesting being beaten down by the police.

When it comes to Veteran’s day that celebrates Armistice Day, Memorial Day honoring the Dead that fell in all wars, and Martin Luther King’s birthday are the day I call the day of political two-faced hypocrisy. The day when public figures in politics or not go out and make speeches saying how much they care about their concerns. When the days is over they go back to their state or the capitals and betray the very people they say they care so much about. It makes my stomach turn when I hear these parasites lie through their teeth.

Black America and Veterans are in the same boat. They have been taken for granted as a reliable voting block in past elections. RINO Republicans will sing praises of the US veterans. When they return to Washington DC will vote to divert money allocated to care for our veterans to get the necessary and much-needed treatments to pay for welfare for Illegal Aliens. They will vote for more foreign wars to create more boots for combat to please the military-industrial complex.

The black leaders who shout with praises for Dr. Martin Luther King do the very opposite of what the civil rights leader stood for. These poverty pimps want Black Americans to live in squalor and high-crime areas being dependent on government assistance. A complete one eighty what Dr King talked about. If these black Americans ever got self-reliant off the welfare rolls. They would not need these race hustlers. They want the negro population to be angry and bitter thinking America is racist.

If I were President, there would a signed proclamation calling these Holidays Political hypocrites day because they will honor with their lip, but their actions speak louder than words if we look more closely at their voting records.

Do you feel the same way?