Are 250 Recently Closed Sam’s Clubs Buildings Being Converted Into FEMA Type Detention Facilities?

I really do not buy that closing 250 Sam’s Club stores nationwide is all economic reasons. I know there is Walmart super centers have all of sudden closed over plumbing issues supposedly never to be reopened. In Midland Texas where one closed Walmart Supercenter has barbed wire set up the building has raised many people’s suspicions. It looks like it is going to be converted into a Detention facility. Is this the real reason why the sudden store closings of these Sam’s Club stores?

In late 2017, The President of the United States signed an executive order declaring a state of Emergency with financial Martial law against the Deep state operatives who violated human rights and involved in child sex trafficking and pedophile networks. So far, since the President took office. There have been mass arrests of people involved in Pedophilia with thousands of indictments nationwide. Will FINCIN be a part of the take down of the deep state as well as categorizing prisoners detained before sending them to Guantanamo Bay?

Reports have been coming out of GITMO facility to being expanded to make room for imprisoning corrupt government officials. IS it confirmed I do not know for sure?

This could be the year when politician’s local, state and federal can have warrants for their arrest since the corruption with pedophilia goes deep in all levels of government. The Washington Times reports of arresting leaders and possibly politicians in Sanctuary cities.

Could we see mass arrest of those in key positions working behind the scenes running ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter groups that have made it their goal to overthrow the constitutional government of the United States? I mean collage professors and other foundation operatives being placed under arrest for sedition and treason.

Larry Nichols a former Clinton insider not confirmed yet said things through close associates stated of things planning to go hot starting in February, March and April. So if the deep state along with George Soros might be trying to start civil unrest nationwide. These former Sam’s Clubs can be made into a detention facility in a short period of time.

Could these Sam’s clubs also be refitted to be detention facilities for rounding up people from the middle east who came here under a United Nations Refugee settlement program? Could these former shopping centers can be a place for detainees to be processed preparing to be deported back to their countries of origin? Especially those connected to ISIS, and the Muslim brotherhood might be on the list of people to be kicked out of the country.

Something very big is getting ready to happen against the deep state. It is going to be ugly with civil unrest if mass arrest start. So these closings of Sam’s Clubs could be the reason for setting up prisoner processing facilities in the case of riots and an insurrection knowing if Hillary is arrested. You can count on George Soros
to start wreaking havoc in the major US cities.

What the Globalist has set up to incarcerate dissidents against the New World Order that are patriots, veterans, gun owners, home schoolers and constitutionalist might be used against them as spoken by King Solomon in the book of Proverbs 26:27.

Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth
a stone, it will return upon him.

Maybe it is economics is why Sam’s Clubs have suddenly closed, or they were asked by the Federal government to shut them down to make Detention centers for a whole bunch of criminals who are traitors to this nation to be processed. Who knows? So let’s keep watching to see what happens next.

God Speed
my friends hoping for the best and be prepared against the worst.