If Hillary Was President.Would She Allow the USA to freeze During the Artic Blast to So Call Save the Planet?

I recall back in February 2011 when Texas was having a severe winter storm pass through the lone star state. I experienced rolling black outs ordered statewide by the government in order to cut back on carbon emissions from coal fire power plants. Texas had to buy electricity from Mexico which has no draconian regulatory burden that are placed on American power producers.

This was a small taste of what a socialist country goes through with electricity only coming on certain times a day. Later that year in 2011 the summer we had warnings of possible rolling black outs because the power grid would be strained over people running their air conditioners when the temperatures went into the triple digits.

Thank God it did not happen. If anymore rolling blackouts happened during that heat wave. Texans would have left their pitchforks at home and grabbed their rifles instead in their outrage.
Thank God President Trump pulled the United State out of the Paris Climate Treaty. I can say if Hillary was President. America would freeze to comply with lowering our carbon foot print in the name of saving the planet

If Hillary was President. We would have rolling black outs. For those who are low income, especially those who live in California that have carbon taxes . Imagine this going nationwide affecting all Americans  They would not be able to afford heating their homes with natural gas or electric power. Those energy bills would be through the roof. We would be forbidden to use our fireplaces to stay warm because of carbon emissions. The price of a gallon of gas would be over$4 a gallon with local ordinances being passed by cities and counties to comply with reducing carbon emissions will prohibit people to idle their cars just to get warm up.

So for all you folks who wished Hillary was President saying the POTUS is a racist, sexist and a misogynist. Those who chant ” Not my president” If Hillary won the election. You may would have got our first woman President. At what cost? Yes the price would be freezing your ass off having buyers remorse. I thank God Hillary is not my President.