How Will President Trump Deal With A Rogue California Government Making the State a Third World S-hole?


The state of California government has gone rogue and out of control. What happens in California can have some major ramifications nationwide if something is not done to put the state government in check. The state Legislator has passed laws that go far beyond infringing on people’s personal liberties. What is going on in the state is a major train wreck getting ready to happen,

In 2007, the US congress passed the John Warner Defense Authorization act of 2007 , The Insurrection Act of 1807 and the War Powers Act of 1973. The law was written for the purpose of using the military destroying the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 Act the prevented using the troops to invade states that did not go along with the New World Order to enforce civilian law. Now we have President Donald Trump who is not globalist who is pulling out of the New World Order. So can President Trump use the John Warner Defense Authorization Act to put the California state government back within its constitutional box?

Now I am going to walk you through a hypothetical scenario which is very possible for the state of California to see happen.
Suppose one day the state government goes insolvent and is broke. The state can’t pay their workers, their state highway patrol. Some major infrastructure already crumbling shuts down because the state is out of money. Many law enforcement agencies are close to going broke because there is no money coming from Sacramento. Police Departments have to scale back patrols. The first responder like firemen and paramedics plus county hospitals can be affected when there is very little or no funding.

The State EBT cards will be denied at supermarkets. State Welfare checks are bouncing because of insufficient funds. As a result, there would be civil unrest starts in cities statewide. The police do not have the resources state wide to deal with the people. Most of the State national guard units are deployed in the middle east. President Trump offers resources deploying national guard troops from nearby states to help restore order.

Governor Jerry Brown I can see refusing federal assistance from the POTUS and calls for UN troops to restore order to the golden state just like the Cook County Commissioner in Illinois and Chicago city government did going to the UN asking for child raping and trafficking  peacekeepers to patrol the streets refusing the President’s offer to deploy national guard units from other states to help the Police regain control of the streets.

At this point, the California government has gone to rogue with being a sanctuary state defying federal immigration laws. Government corruption and Political correctness has made the state impossible to govern. The high crime rate from Illegal immigrants poses a threat to public safety. We can see by a super majority of Democrats being kept in office by illegal immigrants voting. The super majority in the state executive and legislative branches have taken the state over the deep end.

Another hypothetical scenario can be if Gov. Brown invites in the El Salvador refugees who just lost their status along with  Somali, middle eastern, and northern African refugees to flood California evade possible future deportation because California is a Sanctuary state. We can see parts of LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Fresno. San Bernardino and Orange County have these Muslims no go zones like they have in Germany, the UK and Sweden were first responders or utility crews, postal workers and delivery drivers are attacked. Rape gangs roaming the streets sexually assaulting females at random like it is in western Europe.

Also with the new law passed in California where under children can not be arrested in the Golden State. Some Muslims might take advantage of this law to sell underage girls into sexual slavery as Tommy Robinson describes and exposing in the UK with no help from the police to rescue these children being pimped by Muslims.

We can hear report of rape gangs roaming the streets sexually assaulting females at random like it is in western Europe. The State governor might tell females not to wear skirts or sexy bathing suits to avoid being raped like the German government tells young German girls to do. All in the name of cultural enrichment and political correctness.

The police and judges would be ordered to look at the other way-going lenient on these precious refugees if they rape a child, their defense would be it is their culture to rape at will or a sexual emergency. The victim of these rapes could be told it is their fault by the police and courts. If a woman dares fight back against these migrants trying to attack her. She could go to jail for assault and battery for exercising her God-given right to defend herself from a violent sexual crime. This has happened in Europe. I would not put it past the governor and the legislator in California to turn the golden state into a third world lawless hell hole.

Imagine the freeways in southern California filled with migrants throwing rocks at cars and attacking long haul truckers. This is what is happening in Europe. We can see many truckers refusing to deliver freight to California for fear of their safety if the interstates and state roads are not secure routs anymore. This could put a strain on logistics keeping the basic necessities from getting on the store shelves.

What about the strained healthcare system? Many County hospitals and private health care facilities are struggling to take care of people from south of the border who are here legally. If Gov Brown welcomes in these so called refugees from Africa and the middle east. These men are bringing in diseases from the third world that are highly contagious. This is a public health threat to the people of California.

Adding insult to injury, we can see a major shortage of healthcare workers who are mostly female. Many woman who are Doctors, nurses and orderlies in Germany are attacked for no reason by these invaders trying to treat these fighting age men. Some have contracted these diseases that are resistant to antibiotics. We can see this shortage of female healthcare workers leaving California not wanting to be attacked or raped. The Police could be told not to arrest them and they are put in harms way contracting on these third world diseases.

When the state government of California has turn the state into a lawlessness hell hole. A state where the law abiding people are in danger by the destructive policies that go against federal law. When the state government goes to rogue and thumbs its nose of the law while innocent Californians are being attacked for no reason. San Francisco is a prime example of the system where an illegal immigrant deported several times killing Kate Stienle  was found not guilty of murder, not even a manslaughter conviction because the courts, the prosecutor and the judge corrupted the process selecting an impartial jury.(I bet that jury was part illegal aliens and Social justice warriors) I would not find it hard to believe if the jury box was a rigged vour dire process to ensure a certain outcome.

So what can the President of the United States do? Trying to reform the state government by the ballot box with competent and honorable public servants is next to impossible with the rampant voter fraud by allowing illegal aliens to vote. The system is rigged in California where the American citizens in California don’t have a voice anymore.

So would there be the major or severe catalyst event where the Governor squander resources in an even of a major earthquake, a state of emergency or some other natural disaster? Lawlessness in the streets where no law-abiding Californian is safe from the criminals. So how would the President respond to an out of control state government putting its people in harm’s way? How can constitutional state government be restored to California?

Would the President have to invade Sacramento and the major cities in California to restore order and keep the peace? Anything is possible with a military take-over of the government under a state of emergency with an incompetent and corrupt government as a last resort. I hope the POTUS along with the consent of Congress votes to relieve the legislator of both political parties and Governor from duty(no the state constitution) and put in an interim governor and legislator until new elections can be scheduled so the people of California (not illegal immigrants) can elect a new state constitutional government?

I am not for the Federal government taking over the state government by force. It could set a bad precedent for future presidents to justify their actions going to a state for some nefarious reason. President Lincoln invaded Maryland to prevent a vote for secession. However, it might be a necessary evil to restore power back to the people to the state.

I hope the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007, the Insurrection act of 1807 and the War Powers act of 1973 gets repealed someday so the future presidents do not have these unconstitutional power over the states. If President Trump is going to call a place a shithole. Let it be California calling out Gov Brown and his out of control Democrats in the State Legislators creating third world conditions in the continental United States.

What would your solution be restoring power back to the people of California peacefully?

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