My Battle with Cancer, Are Doctors Helping or Hurting?

On May 31, 2017 when I went to the emergency room thinking I had a urinary tract infection. I found out I had a tumor in my bladder. When I heard the news. It felt like I was kicked in the gut. The thoughts about my children and their future really weighed on my mind.

Shortly after hearing the news. I made an appointment with an Urologist to start treatment. I had to sign medical releases to have my record from the emergency room to the Urologist. When the Doctor looked at the records and done a scope into my bladder. He found the tumor. He wasted no time for me to have surgery to cut the tumor out the bladder and do localized chemotherapy to wipe out what cancer is left.

A week later after the doctor’s visit. I had my surgery with no complications. I was sent home with a catheter. I had an appointment the next day back at the doctors office to have my catheter removed. Be removing the catheter/ I have chemotherapy injected into my bladder.

After the lab results of the first surgery. He wanted to schedule another surgery 30 days later. That second surgery put me in the hospital three weeks later with a bladder infection during hurricane Harvey. I was in a Houston Hospital for a week.

After I was released from the Hospital. I had a third surgery to do a biopsy. The prognosis is that Doctor suggested was two things. First was Chemotherapy and radiation treatment. After that I would have a fourth surgery where they wanted to remove my bladder and prostrate gland, put a stoma in me so I can pee in a bag or take from my large intestine and build a new bladder where I would use catheters to urinate out of.

Not very good options for a quality of life. I would like to have sex and be able to function at work.  I would like to lose nothing in my body. I have no more symptoms anymore. Still the doctors insist I go through with it. The Doctors may mean well and are brainwashed like everyone else. I want to know there is a far less painful solution.

So if there is anyone who has went through this and has some natural methods that has worked where there is no more surgeries, never had to go through chemotherapy or radiation. I would like to know. Also I could use all your prayers and encouragement.

God Bless you all.


7 thoughts on “My Battle with Cancer, Are Doctors Helping or Hurting?”

  1. Google ‘Chris Beat Cancer.’ Or, Square One.
    Chris beat his own cancer. Read his story.

    Also, Google Denny Waxman.

    Those are a couple of good options.

  2. 8 limes cut in half and a whole root of ginger sliced up thin (3″ root). Fill a 20 cm pot with water leave about 1.5″ from the top to allow boiling. Add the lime and ginger and boil for approx 15 minutes until you smell the aroma then simmer low heat for for about 5 minutes after which turn off the heat and cover leaving it to cool naturally overnight. Filter the liquid store in a glass container and refrigerate.

    Drink in a mug 1/4 or half full with hot water each morning on an empty stomach then eat 30 minutes later. Boosts immune system all but destroys cancer and clears brain fog.

    Tumors are the bodies way of dealing with issues and provided we eat and digest food properly and are active our bodies detox naturally. But when you blast that area with chemo and radiation you destroy the bodies ability to regulate the tumors (used to collect dead or dangerous cells) and so the tumors come back aggressive and out or control i.e. our body attacking itself like having high white cell count – an imbalance.

    Doctors through science shined a spotlight on the bodies internals and witnessed tumors but failed to understand their true natural purpose.

    I would also suggest eating proper organic food fasting regularly and performing a colon cleanse.

  3. there is a tincture made from creosote bush. Has been used by native Americans in southwest since ancient times.

    I have used it on and off for 4 years to keep my oral cancer from killing me. I had surgery … and it came back, and metastasized

    find it at called cansema tonic. Your best shot at this point if you want to live

  4. start taking braggs apple cider vinegar right away, it turns your body alkaline and cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. just take it like it says on the bottle. stop the chemo it will create a breeding ground for the cancer…and radiation causes cancer but your greedy doctor already knows this. once you start taking the braggs it will stop the cancer in its tracks even if you have stage 4 prostate cancer(yes you read that correctly). I personally have had cancer several times due to radiation poisoning so I do know from personal experience what I am talking about. cancer lives off of junk food you have to eliminate all forms of sugar from your diet,carbs and animal protein because this is what cancer feeds on so you starve it to death. yes just like that, cancer is not a death sentence unless you go to what they call modern doctors or what i call snake oil salesmen. there is a reason they call it the cancer industry because it is a business and a very profitable one. as far as diet goes you can have eggs because they are not an animal protein until they hatch, eat a lot of green veggies like kale, broccoli, spinach…..raw is better for veggies. eat beans and nuts and fish. by changing your diet you get the benefits of your food and starve the cancer and watch how much better you will feel. seek out a natural healthcare practitioner a doctor of homeopathic medicine just to make sure. you have my e-mail because i had to give it to comment. you are more than welcome to contact me and then we can talk by phone if you like because it would be easier for me because i am a one finger typist(hunt and peck) good luck if i do not hear from you do one thing stop going to that snake oil salesman and you will live longer, i did ten years ago and have been better for it and truth be told that is why i am alive today and that is not an exaggeration.

  5. My silly natural cures have reversed the numbers of a client’s husband, who had/had testicular cancer.

    His ‘doctor’ told him goodbye, as it was the last he’d ever see him.

    He takes his baking soda/water/blackstrap molasses mix every day

    He takes his tumeric in water every day

    He takes his high Ph water all day, every day

    Plus some other stuff I cannot remember here, but his doctors have been ‘stunned’ at his numbers reversal, and told him ”it cannot be from alternative medicine”.

    My client called the other day, in tears. I’ve given her husband 4 IMPROVING years since the doctors said goodbye.

    Even better, he got off most ‘meds’ – including female hormones, which he hated, because he was “acting like a bitch”

  6. i have a correction on my post i said prostate cancer when i meant pancreatic cancer….yea the one that kills everybody. it is usually the treatment that kills people not the cancer, so to answer your question yes you doctor is doing more harm than good.

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