The Real Ugly Truth About Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee

To be a public servant serving the people is a privilege and honor, not an entitlement to preferential treatment. The Democratic congresswoman from Houston Texas Sheila Jackson Lee’s elitist attitude about the people she serves needs to be exposed for the person she really is. The truth is that she does not speak for Houstonians by the antigun and draconian legislation she has backed as well has filed does not speak for the needs of Black Americans anymore. Actually, she is the problem keeping black people in the plantation with her hateful rhetoric that is so divisive. She holds back the people in her district in the ghetto called the fifth ward in Houston.

There is more to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee than the bills she has filed that attack our constitutional rights. Her true character and her ethical nature come into question. She has been caught breaking election laws being at the polling places shaking hands with voters to arrogantly taking a cell phone call in the middle of a town-hall meeting when a constituent was asking a question. The Texas congresswoman blew her off looking at her phone instead of answering the question.

It also has been reported that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is called the boss from hell. She has a high turnover of staffers and aids because of her abusive treatment. Some former employees of her have had to seek medical attention because the stress, she has caused treating her staff horribly. One account from a former employee stated:

One staffer recalls a frank conversation with his doctor, who told him he needed to quit. “It’s your life or your job,” the doctor told him, warning that the stress and long hours were wreaking havoc on his body.

When I read about Sheila Jackson Lee bumping a passenger who already prepaid her first class seat to accommodate the Texas congresswoman who didn’t make reservations beforehand. I can understand if the President called an emergency joint session of Congress because our nation was in imminent danger. That would be the only exception I can understand. Otherwise, there was no other reason to bump a passenger. If there was no national emergency where she had to return to the nations capital. Then there is no reason to bump a paying customer who already made a reservation and prepaid for the seat in advance. There should be no preferential treatment because she is a member of congress when there is no national emergency.

The Texas congresswoman should have made reservations ahead of time like everyone else. I wonder how many times before has she bumped first class passengers who paid for their seats weeks in advance. It would not surprise me if she has done it before.
When the Texas congresswoman responded to the allegation about the passenger that was bumped off the flight showing a picture of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee in the seat of the bumped passenger. She used the race card as a response.

This type of arrogance and elitist attitude is why Congress has a low approval rating. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is the poster child for term limits. This is a woman who has used her office to get her way at other’s expense. I say all members of Congress should have to make reservations in advance like other paying customers. They should also go through the TSA screenings like all the other passenger have to endure. No one should be above the rules, Not even Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

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    1. Obviously you are a well educated person with an exceptional moral code. America should be proud of your in depth understanding of a nation entirely made up of immigrants. Which of course, unless you are a Native American from whom the land was stolen from, makes you an immigrant too. Therefore, butthead, keep your racism for your KKK meetings.

  1. She is an embarrassment to her District in Texas & I hope the people understand how she is a disgrace to her profession!

    1. Lord Acton’s Axiom : Power corrupts: absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      Corollary to Lord Acton’s Axiom: The less the actual power and intelligence, the greater abuse of that power.

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