Review of the Movie About Donald Trump in”The Art of the Insult”

The Movie Producer Joel Gilbert does it again with another movie “The Art of the Insult.” He has produced previous films “Dreams from my Real Father” which proves President Obama was born in the United States, not in Kenya showing that his true father is a communist propagandist named Frank Marshal Davis. His follow-up film “There is no place like utopia” another movie that documents the disaster socialism is to the nation. Both very good films I have in my collection.

Joel Gilbert hits it out of the park again with his next movie about President Donald Trump who written the book” Art of a Deal.” This movie is a mimic title is called the “The Art of the Insult” showing candidate Trump on the campaign trail taking on the media, Hollywood celebrities and his political opponents. A clear demonstration in the manner how he did it breaking all the rules of political correctness.

When I brought the movie online from the website. I was waiting and watching with anticipation at my mailbox for the DVD to come. I popped the movie in right away into my DVD player. The movie is entertaining as well as funny seeing the liberal left Democrats, with a willing media and the Republican establishment melting down every time when candidate Trump opens his mouth or tweets.

Joel Gilbert in his production” The Art of the Insult” holds nothing back with his compilation of Donald Trump’s famous insults and counter punches to those who dare try to demonize him for his political incorrectness speaking his mind.

This movie is not a waste of money to purchase. This movie is the demonstration why the American people put Donald Trump into the White House because he was speaking what was on the voter’s minds for years.

I give this movie five stars because it is funny, entertaining as well as educational. Thank you Joel Gilbert. You have done it again.

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  1. i was just thinking last night how much donald trump speaks his mind like the late ed koch. the former mayor of nyc . when trump was just becoming “famous” he and ed shared media time on the same channels. ed was great and almost no one cared about his big mouth. if anything, almost everyone loved it, including the press.
    for those of you who don’t know of the late mayor there is a great movie out there called , oddly enough,…..”koch”.

    has trump said “how am i doing?” yet?

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