Is The Election Really Over in Alabama?

Something does not add up with the special election for AG Jeff Sessions Senate seat. The red flags started going up when a Fox News poll had Doug Jones was ahead of Judge Roy Moore ten points a day before the election. I can tell the fix was in. Previous polls had Judge Roy Moore ahead of Doug Jones regardless of the accusations against the former state Supreme court Chief Justice.

The Republican establishment and the leftist Senatorial Democrats did not want Judge Roy Moore to be in the US Senate because he would just like President Trump who is wrecking ball against the status quo. Judge Roy Moore would be like a bull in a china shop if he is seated as a US Senator.

Judge Roy Moore is a threat to the establishment. What makes him different than the average public servant? Even though he was removed twice as Chief Justice in the state Supreme Court. The first time for refusing to remove a display of the Ten Commandments from the State Supreme Court’s grounds and the second was for not acknowledging and enforcing the US Supreme Court ruling making same-sex marriage legal.

This is why Judge Roy Moore is a threat to the establishment because he is not afraid to stand on what he believes no matter what the cost. He paid a price twice  for standing up for what he knows is right. Having a man-like Roy Moore in the Senate would really upset the apple cart because he is not afraid to risk it all.

This is why Roy Moore is pursuing not conceding the election and waiting until every legal vote is counted regardless of the media optics and the bad press and conservatives calling him to concede. He is not afraid to risk it all as a patriot. This is the type of man we need in the Senate. Not an empty suit like Doug Jones.

To hear Roger Stone say even if Roy Moore won. Sen Mitch McConnell will investigate his campaign finances and paperwork and use the sexual allegations hook that were proven false as an excuse not to seat him. If that did happen. I can see the good Lord bring the skeletons at out the Majority Leaders closet showing him in reproach.

I am sadly disappointed that President Trump and Roger Stone have called for Roy Moore to concede instead of a least being neutral until the absentee ballots from the military serving abroad come in.  The Alabama Secretary of State will not certify the election until after the holidays. For Roger Stone who is politically savvy calling himself a libertine saying, Judge Roy Moore views are extreme and out of the mainstream is hogwash.

Roger Stone may know politicians in Alabama, But he does not know the people who live in the state and the values to the south very well.

If Roy Moore is found out to have really won the election after the dead votes are nullified. Especially after it has been reported by Paul Joseph Watson that people were taken across state lines to vote in a place of a deceased person.

America will thank Judge Roy Moore if he can prevail showing he has actually won the election. At the same time exposing voter and election fraud. Maybe sparking a national outcry for returning to paper ballots making computerized voting machines unreliable and illegal therefor having integrity returned to our elections.

When it comes to crucial votes concerning future Supreme Court Picks and repealing Obamacare. We cannot afford that seat going to a leftist democrat who does not reflect the values among the people of Alabama.

The Republican voters in Alabama did not want  Rep. Mo Brooks a never Trumper or Luther Strange an establishment pick by Mitch McConnell. The voters chose Roy Moore because the conservative base knew the Judge and his character regardless of the accusations.

As for myself, I was raised in the south most of my life. A man looking for a younger woman and parents giving their blessing to their young daughter marrying an older man was very common. Especially if the man was established and has a stable life with good standing in the community. In the old south, it was not taboo. Therefor not creepy for that period of time.

If Judge Moore is the winner when all investigations are done and the votes counted. Call him extreme and out of touch. However, with a razor margin Republican majority in the US Senate. We cannot afford the seat go with a man like Doug Jones who does not speak for the people of Alabama.

To allow Doug Jones to be seated in the Senate only emboldens the democrats vote fraud machine running up to the midterm elections. To concede this seat will hurt the Trump agenda. This is a victory we can not afford to hand over to the establishment.

3 thoughts on “Is The Election Really Over in Alabama?”

  1. I hardly consider 1979 to be the “Old South”. I was an officer in the US Army stationed in Alabama in the mid 1980’s. Even at 22 there was no way I would have considered dating a high school girl.

  2. I hope & pray that Judge Moore is legally & legitimately elected.
    The voting corruption for Jones in Alabama is the most extreme in the Nation and I want it exposed for all to see!

  3. It was so wonderful to hear that pedophile Moore was defeated! In addition to being a despicable child-molester, his opinions are literally insane. He is an American Taliban, who believes in idiotic and hideous fairy tales which imagine that a nuclear holocaust is a desirable outcome – for it would make his delusions at least partly come true. Christians won’t be flying up into the sky though; it will simply be the end of our civilization, and probably our species as well. Delusional psychotics like Moore belong in a mental hospital, and should never be given ANY power over others.

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