President Trump’s Next Move Should be Pulling Out of the United Nations Small Arms Trade Treaty?

Ever since President Trump came into office last January. He has shown to take steps to withdraw America from the global agenda. So far, he has shown he intends to keep his promises to the people who put him in office. When the 45th president was sworn in, he wasted no time starting to pull us out of the New World Order.

On day one when President Trump was in Office. He signed an executive order pulling us out of the Trans Pacific Partnership, which would have been a disaster to the country. This is a very bad treaty where American’s quality of life would have been in peril. So kudos to the POTUS for taking the first step getting us out of the New World Order.

In few months into his Presidency, He pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate treaty. The treaty would have been a further disaster to our economy and our standard of living in the name reducing our carbon footprint while China and other countries would be exempt from the rules.

I give him credit for withdrawing from UNESCO that has far-reaching influence over our education system and agenda 21, and then pulled America out of the UN Migrant and Refugee Compact where the United Nations issues US Passports and does the vetting process outside of the State Department involvement allowing people into the United States who could be a threat to our national security and safety of the American people.

President Trump has called for reducing the funding to the United Nations since taking office. Recently over past actions when in the UN General Assembly vote condemning to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. whether the reader agree or disagrees. It is an agreement between two sovereign nations whether it was the right move or not.

Now we have a Chicago city councilmen and Cook County commissioner are calling for UN Troops to patrol the streets of the windy city instead of national guard troops to restore order. Will the In Peace keepers mission is to confiscate guns in the city? It has been reported that the Chicago city government and cook county officials are now negotiating with the UN.(Where is the Justice Department?)

In recent events of UN corruption and disrespect to our national sovereignty. The opportunity has come for the President to order the removal of the United State’s signature from the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty which threatens our right to keep and bear arms.

This UN agreement nullifies our second amendment if ratified by the US Senate. So I ask the President to remove our signature from the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty so this treaty never comes to the floor for a vote on the Senate floor.

The United Nations Peacekeepers have been caught trafficking young woman and children. Why should we fund and organization that has no accountability for such crimes or neither have nay treaties with when they are so corrupt. This is why Americans need to keep their guns to fend off these monsters who will do harm to our woman and children for profit and sick pleasures. Not in America.

These actions show the UN not to be credible organization to have treaties with. This is why the United States must pull out of the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty.

Making this move would be a death blow to the UN’s plan to usurp our God given rights. So President Trump, please remove our nation from the UN Small Arms Trade treaty now.


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