The Boy and Girl Scouts.The Leadership Has Failed the Members.Harming the Organization Caving Into the Lunitic Fringe

I never became a Boy Scout. My youngest son loves the scouts. He has learned many skills of the outdoor life being in the scouts. My son likes that no girls are in his Boy Scout Troop. He is not gay. My son along with his fellow scouts oppose admitting females into the organization, Segregation is not always an evil practice in certain circumstances, there are times that men-only organizations do serve a purpose suited to molding a young man’s character like the Girl Scouts have their own sets of activities grooming little ladies for the real world.

We are witnessing now is Pedophilia and other lunatic groups infiltrating or pressuring the BSA to caving in to their demands to virtue signal to a small minority. These special-interest groups, whether the LGBQ or NAMBLA is no more than a cockroach with a bull horn. A loud group; however, can be squashed very easily if the Leadership has the moral courage to do it. If the BSA national leadership knew the News Media today does not have the power it did 20 years ago. It is now an echo chamber where Paul Joseph Watson has more of a YouTube audience watching his videos in a day then CNN,MSNBC and NPR viewers combined.

If the BSA leadership just had to stand their ground adhering to their core values the Scouts were founded on. If the leadership council said a loud “NO” to the LGBTQ agenda and tell them to “go pound sand.” The fake news media would have to fit with endless demonization of the Boy Scouts being sexist and homophobic. This would not be a public relations nightmare on the BSA’s part at all.

Actually if the Boy Scout Leadership took a moral stand despite the pressure from leftist special-interest groups. Their membership would have had a massive increase of new recruits because Americans would want their children involved in organizations that is wholesome and moral that promotes strong character. The institution would become stronger as a result.

Since the Boy Scouts lately has caved into allowing transvestites into the ranks in response to a New Jersey Lawsuit because the Local Scout troop would not allow a cross dresser in. This has only weakened the once great organization because it compromised its core values.

Since the BSA and the Girls Scouts have caved into the Gay mafia. This will create a hostile environment where straight boy and girl scout members will have to stay politically correct being told to use the transgender pronoun for the sex they say they are instead of what gender they were born with. Gender identity of a boy saying he is a girl joining the girl scouts will cause young ladies to leave because they will not want to share a shower or share a tent with them. This compromise will only bring a disruption, not harmony.

The Boy and Girls Scouts have held to major core beliefs that members adhere to being morally straight and honoring God. Caving in to these groups only weaken and water down the teaching these organizations upheld for decades. Now the door is wide open for pedophiles to infiltrate to corrupt the children.

This is why the members nationwide must tell the National councils they will not comply with these new guild lines to accept a group of people whos values are not compatible with the boy and girl scouts. If they want to join, than they must live by the high moral standards and ethics that have made the youth organizations the shining example of upstanding people in the community they serve.

I hope the Boy Scouts bounce back from this lack of strong leadership. The message to the national and state council is they serve the members interest. The scout troops do not serve the leadership. If the Boy Scouts of America are going to be the once great institution with those core values that were the legacy passed down for decades. It will not come from the top down. It is going to come from the grassroots membership saying no to this immoral agenda from the National Leadership council.

We have known all through the years that if we want change to revert to what makes the Boy Scouts great again. It has to come from the grassroots of the members among Scout troops nationwide to bring change that returns to those wholesome values. Those beliefs that have groomed shaping the character of fine leaders over the past that are now Military officers commanding the battlefield to serving in the halls of government.

A word for advice to the state and national councils. President Donald Trump did not win the election caving in and compromising his message and vision for this great republic. The 45th President did it standing his ground for what he knew was right. He made no apologies when people were offended.

I was very disappointed when the National Leadership apologized and buckled under to a small group of malcontents because the POTUS spoke at the annual national Jamboree last summer. Past Presidents have spoken to the scouts at this yearly event without any controversy.

The Boy and Girl Scouts should not make no apologies either if immoral people want to join trying to force the scouts to bend the rules to accommodate them. If they can’t live up to the moral standards the boy and girl scouts want to uphold. Then these crossdressers and transvestites can start their own scout group.

The leadership council of the Boy Scouts of America has failed its members. They have failed America and the future of the organization. It is up to the local BSA troop detachments united nationwide to make the scouts great again.


3 thoughts on “The Boy and Girl Scouts.The Leadership Has Failed the Members.Harming the Organization Caving Into the Lunitic Fringe”

  1. We used to have a joke about how much fun we could have in Scouts if it weren’t for the darn kids. The National BSA organization is that way in truth. They are slaves to the liberal corporate and charitable organizations that fund their salaries. National controls the billions in organization assets, including the massive Philmont Scout Ranch. They don’t care about the troops, they care about the money.

  2. There is no “moral” issue here.


    People who identify as a given sex should be accepted.

    There are so many reasons, not understood by people writing such articles, for this kind of human behavior.

    Everything from glitches in brains to incomplete or missing physical characteristics. Nature endows us with all kinds of “oddities.”

    It is ignorant and cruel to reject them.

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