Is the Anti-American NFL Self Destructing?

I cannot believe what I was seeing on the Fox NFL pre-game show. The panelists were all bashing the President’s remarks about players taking a knee during the national anthem. Terry Bradshaw does not know the anything about the first amendment. What he does not understand is what the NFL, the players, the union doesn’t understand coming to the defense of the players who kneel is free speech does have consequences.

The first amendment does not make anyone immune from the consequences of their actions when their speech is repulsive to the people or if the President disagrees. It is just words he said, if he had them arrested for their speech or sent troops to bully the players to stand for the national anthem against their will. Then I would oppose the President if he did that. The POTUS did not infringe on the player’s right to free speech. He was just showing his passion opposing what the players were doing,

NFL TV ratings are in the tank compared to last season and attendance at the stadiums are at an all-time low. This could be the consequence of the players disrespecting our national heritage. While players were commended by the league for taking a knee. Other athletes were threatened with fines for wearing apparel on game day to commemorate and remember Sept 11th.

Something is wrong with the league when defiling the nation’s flag that gives them the freedom to disrespect our heritage and flag. No wonder the fans are walking away when the very values they hold dear are being trashed by the players.

The NFL used to be a pure Americana institution, a blue-collar American tradition seen every Sunday on TV after church. I disagree with the players taking a knee during the national anthem. It is their right to free speech and how they protested was the most disrespectful way to do it. We do have our problems that need to be dealt with. No country is perfect. Our country does have a history of atrocities. I just hope the players understand is out of these tragedies that are a scourge on our history. Through the constitutional process, we have corrected these injustices over time. Few nations have that freedom to correct injustice. Try taking a knee during Cuba’s national anthem before a soccer game protesting Raul Castro’s human rights abuses. They would be arrested and executed really fast.

The first amendment protects unpopular speech as well as popular rhetoric. The President has a right to speak his mind like anyone else. He is perfectly fine accepting the fallout that will come. I do not hear him complain about his speech being attacked. The President did not infringe on anyone’s right to free speech. He was just voicing his displeasure, which is no way an attack on free speech.

If the POTUS sent the FBI agents to arrest all the players for taking a knee during the national anthem. Put them on a transport plane and send them to GITMO. Even though I despise the players for disrespecting the flag. I would have a real problem if the President arrested them because of their speech regardless of what they did was disrespectful to do. I will still stand up for their right to make a complete fool of themselves. Freedom of speech is American as apple pie.

Who is being divisive? To me, it was the players who took a knee that drew first blood enraging the fan base insulting their patriotism. To accuse the President remarks being repulsive is hogwash. The President was just reacting to the actions of the players who showed disrespect to the nation he holds dear to his heart.

I have some strong advice to the players of the NFL and the league. Count the cost of your actions. Starbucks Coffee took a hit for disrespecting veterans and pro-family Americans. If the organization does not have an epiphany about the backlash coming, then the NFL, the acronym for the National Football League will now be NO FANS LEFT. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That means the consequences of their deeds.

I do not see the league taking any responsibility to correct the players. Too bad, Football is pure Americana the NFL is destroying. The late coach Vince Lombardi must be rolling over in his grave now. What is your opinion?

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  1. I think there are other reasons the NFL is tanking along with the kneeling thing and the NFL’s response to that including the owners. One, satellite TV networks charge more for local stations (CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN), and many folks can no longer afford it. Two, has a 100 dollar a year plan, NFL GamePass, where you can watch ANY game full game or condensed, going back to 2009! Why pay 100 a month when you can pay 100 a year? Three, some teams just flat out suck every year and the fans are fed up, while some teams like the Patriots a nearly unstoppable so folks are tired of them as well. Four, fans are pissed off that multi-millionaires like Kap, Bennett, Sherman and others are giving their fans the finger–the same fans who PAY THEIR SALARIES! (It is even worse when it comes of Hollywood! There, movie and TV stars who make even more than NFL stars are flat out calling the people who by movie tickets or DVDs “deplorables”!) 5. Roger Goodell is the WORST COMMISSIONER IN AMERICAN SPORTS HISTORY! (The only one worse is the guy who runs FIFA, which had SLAVE LABOR build the stadiums for the 2018 World Cup in Abu Dhabi! 6. Folks are cutting the cord everywhere, Satellite or Cable 7. No matter how much Goodell and others running the NFL claim to care about player injuries, injuries just keep going up, especially torn ACLs, torn biceps, neck injuries, and concussions–because Goodell and the rrst simply do not care 8. There is a reason players do PEDs and other substances and the whole “substance abuse policy” crap is just that–crap, where only specific players are targetted…or bogus “suspensions” for players like Tom Brady who really did nothing wrong but Goodell was just getting back at the Patriots (and I am no Patriots fan, believe me!) 9. ticket prices and PSL prices are ridiculous! and so are prices for food which is junk and parking spaces 10. when taxpayers have to pay for building stadiums (kuddos to Stephen Ross, Dolphins owner, who paid for the whole deal to rebuild Hard Rock, and one or two owners who did likewise), one can understand why it is they, the fans, who are getting screwed! A football fan can only handle so much crap!

    1. “One, satellite TV networks charge more for local stations (CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN), and many folks can no longer afford it.”

      Here’s an idea then . . . do what I did and get rid of satellite or cable TV all together and get a simple TV antenna to get the NFL games FOR FREE with over the air digital TV.

  2. Has this all been planned as another volley to destroy American culture? Are NFL players being “played”?
    Should they be fined by the league for their actions?
    Did the beginning of the attack on American values start when they killed Superman?

  3. Here’s another idea…do away with performing the NA at sporting events, it’s mostly annoying anyhow.

  4. Anti-American?

    The words of an idiot.

    People in America do not have the right to protest?

    Good God, what does it mean to be an American then?

    Someone who supports a military which has killed at least 2 million people in the last 15 years of Neocon Wars?

    Someone who supports thug police who kill over 1,100 Americans per year?

    Someone who supports an elected idiot for President, a man who says you cannot protest?

    A man, by the way, who evaded military service himself.

    1. @John Chuckman Not on my Subsidised Tax Dollars they don’t. Both players and owners take huge tax cuts and end up paying near zero Taxes. All because they can afford to pay for high priced tax accountants and lawyers most of us can’t afford!!!

      I’m paying for stadiums, Ferraris and Coke Whores for them…. while they can’t even donate Dollars for the poor in their own neighborhoods that produced them. Screw ’em…. screw ’em all…. I want my Tax Dollars Back from these Rich Entitled Little Punk Owners and Players!!!

      Screw ’em All for Backbiting their own roots and people. Who many of serve this country and die for it while they perform Radio City Music Hall…… Dancing Rockette line Dances holding hands like the sissies they all are!!!

      Next thing you know we’ll be seeing Transgendered males doing their nails and complaining about needing Midol for their periods! ……and fools like you will be fine with that!!!

  5. As an American you have a right to freely express yourself. And so do millions of other American citizens. You as a professional sports athlete choose to do so by disrespecting the very institution that provides you with a medium to earn a living, America. Millions of Americans also have the right to NOT spend another dime supporting you and your organization in the disrespect. Goodbye un-American pro-sports. There are plenty of other things to do besides watching overpaid, arrogant, anti-Americans play a GAME, while millions of patriotic Americans are dying to provide you the freedom to take a knee.

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