Why I hate the Banks with a Passion

Every time a country sets up a private central bank, there are big problems and the people are always robbed by the fraud they impose. When I read about banks getting caught manipulating their costumers delaying to post a payroll deposit to bank accounts so the banks could run the checks, then they can charge their clients with overdraft fees. The Banks today are known to rip off today more than ever.

What my experience is today shows the Banks like to play a game with money that is mine before I can draw on the funds. I went into the Bank to deposit a check from my insurance company. The amount of the check they did not refuse to say they would not cash. However, it was enough for them to say there is a nine-day hold before I can withdraw some cash from the bank account.

Money is electronically transferred from the bank to bank everyday between wealthy parties can access the money instantly. That is because most of the currency is digital entries on a computer screen and not the actual Federal Reserve notes in circulation.

Then why must I have to wait for my money for nine days when it can be posted in my account within three business days maximum? I believe this financial institution wants to use my funds in the fractional reserve banking scam by creating money out of nothing ten times based on what I deposited so they can loan it out or use in risky investments since now I am considered an unsecured invester instead of an account holder. Which is not good?

This is why we need to get rid of the Federal Reserve System and most of all for now, and the Dodd and Frank act that corrupted the banks more than ever ripping off their account holders. I do not know why I should have to wait nine business days to withdraw my money when three days is reasonable to wait. However, nine days to wait is very suspicious when that money could be instantly in my account tells me why banks are hated right down there with the US Congress… I know the bank will use that money for their nefarious purposes before I can use it the funds for much needed reasons.

What is your reason for hating the Bank? Do you feel the same way?

2 thoughts on “Why I hate the Banks with a Passion”

  1. The buildings…

    Their architecture started out with the mausoleum look; now they are so far up in the clouds my neck aches. Furthermore, with the advent of the web, some if not many have gone completely invisible.

    What’s next? Space deposits?

  2. The bigger fraud is when there is a recession and the banks funding drys up they beg Congress for a bail out to cover the credit entries on their books and THAT money is real income earned by people who work for a living THEN get their money stolen by the government to cover losses to banks from rich speculators.

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