Look for the UL Label(Underwriters Lab) Before Purchasing Space Heaters This Winter

The artic blast hitting the southern states. Many people are going to try to stay warm. When the freezing temperatures start, and people are looking for economical ways to stay warm without paying an arm and a leg for heating cost.

For the people who have gas heaters and not electric. I know your home can heat very well with a gas furnace. Still be sure you buy a Carbon Monoxide Detector. Before purchasing one at a big-box store, please read the customer reviews to see which one will give you a bang for the dollar. Carbon Monoxide you can’t smell, which makes it a silent killer. Investing in a good detector can save your life.

I know when the mercury goes below the freezing level. People are going to flock to the big-box stores to buy space heaters like crazy. Many consumers will buy the cheapest space heaters made in China. They may be cheap, and you can save a dollar or two. But are these heaters safe?

In a report by the National Fire Protection Association. Their statistic says that Home Heating fires by Space Heaters were responsible for 79 percent of the deaths in 2010. Part of the reasons for these fires is placing the heaters in the wrong space near something flammable or some combustible materiel nearby.

In a report with USA today. Space heaters responsible for most winter fires and deaths. Sometimes good is not cheap and cheap is not good. So how many of these heaters were made inferior or defective because they bypassed any consumer product testing to see if the space heaters are safe.

The other reason which can be a real possibility is that these space heaters might have failed and caused an electrical fire. This is why you should check to see if the space heater has the UL label on the box. It is not fool proof. Underwriters which is a nonprofit consumer interest group that test these space heaters under stress conditions to see if they are safe or not to use.

My advice to avoid the winter rush is to buy your space heater before the temperature drops below freezing. Then you can buy the Space Heaters with the UL label so you can stay warm before people frantically panic and not have to settle for a substandard heater that might not be safe to use. Please follow the manufacturers safety instructions were to place it and not to put it. Before falling asleep, be sure to turn it off if the Manufacturer recommends doing so… It could be the difference of life and death.