Just Say No to Early Christmas Decorations or Bah Humbug!!!!!!


I cannot believe it is almost October 2017. The weather is still hot.
In southeast Texas and sure would look forward to a nice cool front to come through. After Hurricane, Harvey slammed into the coast of Texas. There is carpet and furniture piled up on the side of the road for the trash man to take. Life is still turned upside down here trying to get life back to normal. People’s homes are still under water even though the Brazos river, and the San Bernard rivers are still receding.

When southeast Texas was being flooded by heavy rains. Many people who are rescued made it out with the clothes on their back. Many families lost everything, and the insurance companies are looking to drag their feet paying out claims due to the storm. Many people lost their place of employment and everything they lost it all they own. There is a lot of anxiety because of the financial strain due to loss of income.

So to those retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Target. People all over, Americans are struggling to make it paycheck to paycheck. Please postpone putting up the Christmas displays until a week before Black Friday. I work for a major big-box store, and I can tell you being there eight hours a day, 40 hours a week. Seeing Christmas displays in my face all day from October to December. I feel very Bah Humbug and turn into a scrooge on Christmas eve. I want it to be over and look forward to the white sales in January.


To those affected by Harvey and Irma, who lost their jobs and homes that raise children. Having those decorations up early will add to the stress of what is coming in the future. They are uncertain if they make sure their kids have a good Christmas. Many are trying to rebuild their lives, Working to put a roof over their family, provide clothing. Food on the table and transportation is hard enough.

To tell you, If I were in their place walking into a Walmart in October in the area that is the Garden Center now full of Christmas decorations. Seeing a Santa Clause cut out, Christmas tree and Jingle Bells playing over the intercom would add to the stress when trying to get to settled in a stable place is a priority over anything else. Not to mention the constant radio and TV commercials does help either. No wonder there is a high suicide rate around Christmas time.

These big-box stores need to put back Christmas displays until after Thanksgiving or at least a week before Black Friday. The early Christmas promotion has become absurd. I remember watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade every year and the last float had Santa Clause. I would not surprise me if Santa Clause appears in the St Patrics parade as the last float while Easter has not arrived yet.. I hope they do not go over the top with promoting Christmas season going to the extreme.

I can tell you that working in a big-box store. Halloween candy and product come weeks before October starts. Back to school merchandise arrives in late June and is stacked on a pallet till the time is given to put it out on the sales floor. I would not be surprised if the Christmas Candy has already arrived shrinked wrapped in the backroom. Christmas candy and cookies come out right after Halloween. I rather see Pilgrims and Indian corn than Candy canes and a Ginger bread cookie. So big box retailers please don’t ruin the day we celebrate to birth of a savior with a bunch of commercialized nonsense.

So to those big-box retailers. Stop promoting Christmas prematurely.

One thought on “Just Say No to Early Christmas Decorations or Bah Humbug!!!!!!”

  1. It seems that the holidays are like this
    January – New Year’s Eve
    February – Valentine’s Day
    March – not much
    April – Easter
    May – Memorial Day
    June – not much
    July – July 4th
    August – backtoschool crap
    September – Labor Day
    October – Halloween
    November – Thanksgiving
    December – Christmas

    But in reality it’s really….
    ChristmasNew Year’s EveValentine’s Day
    Memorial Day 4th of JulyBacktoschoolcrap
    Labor DayHalloween

    And they put the decorations out a minimum of 3-4 months before ANY of these holidays so they generally OVERLAP each other.

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