President Trump: Rescind and Declassify Presidential Decision Directive 51 (PDD-51)


I remember President Trumps speech at his inauguration very well with a few phases that stand out I can’t forget. One of those quotes was taking power away from Washington DC, returning the constitutional authority to the people and the states. The move he can make to restore faith with his base and win over some patriots who have severe reservations about him is to rescind and declassify Presidential Decision Directive 51.

Since the Sept 11th false flag attack gave the tyrants the excuse to ignore the Bill of Rights. This event was used as an excuse to take away all our liberties in our Bill of Rights by the name of keep us safe from those terrorists that didn’t exist. Ever since the Federal government has been the terrorist attacking our freedoms with the Patriot Act and forming the TSA that makes airline travel a nightmare.

The authoritarians using 9-11 as an excuse to erode our liberties want more power. President Bush signed and classified Presidential Decision Directive 51 were on the cover sheet makes the President a Dictator and Congress’s constitutional authority to be a check and balance against executive overreach is non existent.

PDD-51 is so classified and kept secretive by the executive branch of the government. The members of Congress who have classified security clearances that sit on a chair in the Homeland Security committee to see classified documents ask to see what is in PDD-51. When they requested the White House to see PDD-51.  The Bush Administration denied the members access to see what is in PDD-51.

The President can use PDD-51 to declare a national emergency for any reason because of economic chaos, political turmoil or natural disasters here or abroad. Looking at the Homeland security, PDF form. This gives the President a blank check to tyrannize the American people in the name of continuity of government(COG)

Under PDD-51, if martial law is declared by a national emergency. Congress is left out of the loop and cannot intervene for six months.
I call on President Trump to declassify and rescind PDD-51 is he is serious about restoring the separation of powers and states right and the liberties of the American people. Declassify PDD-51 so the public interest groups can see actually what was kept from the Congress and the American people.  

If there is anyway President Trump can do to expose the Deep State is to rescind and declassify PPd-51 because it is unconstitutional and illegal for one branch of government to have so much power.  If the President is serious about devolving power from Washington back to the states and the people under the 9th and 10th amendments. Then declassify and rescind pdd-51.

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