The Whistleblower, A Must see movie exposing United Nations Cover-Up and Involvement of Sex Trafficking

Right now, Police nationwide are going after the sex traffickers who are holding young ladies and children against will. The movie The Whistle Blower does expose of what is going on today worldwide with UN Peace Keeping missions. Even though this movie tells of what was taken place in the late 1990s in a post war Bosnia. It still gives a snapshot of the sex trafficking industry going on inside the United Nations peacekeeping missions.

The movie The Whistle Blower which is a film based on a true story of a female former law enforcement officer of the Lincoln Police Department Kathryn Bolkovac who was hired to be part of the United Nations International Police Task force in Bosnia. Once the sex trafficking ring was uncovered. Her mission was focused trying to save a group of girls from being sold into sex slavery.

As she further investigates the sex slavery going on. You will see why the boundaries of Diplomatic Immunity must be redefined because this status gives these UN officials a license to commit serious crimes against humanity with impunity.

What Kathryn Bolkovac uncovers will bring righteous indignation to anyone who has a soul. It exposes the corruption of the US State Department all the way to the United Nations in the cover-up and involvement of sex trafficking. It will give us further reasons why the United States needs to get out of the UN and get this corrupt organization off US soil.

Still to this day the United Nations Peacekeepers and representatives are involved in sex trafficking in Africa and Haiti. The movie The Whistle Blower gives us an idea that what happened in Bosnia is going on worldwide where UN Peacekeepers are. There will be sex trafficking uncovered.

This movie tells me that on US soil. Our government needs to reform the policy concerning diplomatic immunity where common sense must be applied. Ambassadors and foreign dignitaries should have diplomatic immunity concerning. They be free of  US government harassment for political reasons to intimidate them to change their policy on a certain issue. Diplomatic Immunity should only to be used so that the country they are in representing their nation is that US government cannot impede the diplomat from official government business.

Diplomatic immunity should have limitations. It should not be a permanent get out of jail-free card when violating the laws of a nation they are in. I do not care if it is speeding or parking tickets, domestic violence or having sex slaves chained in the basement. Diplomatic immunity should not be the loophole to escape justice. Diplomats should be held accountable when they break the laws of a nation, they are a guest in.

The movie The  Whistle Blower shows the corruption that happens when justice is denied to the vulnerable and defenseless ladies who could not speak because their perpetrators who were UN officials have diplomatic immunity.

For those of you, who have a Netflix account. Please watch this movie and share it, If you can order it off of Amazon. Please do purchase the movie. The only way we can bring the sex traffickers to justice is first exposing it and speaking out setting an example that US citizen under diplomatic immunity will be help accountable if they are involved in sex trafficking under the United Nations flag.

Also there needs to be reform on the policy of diplomatic immunity so sex trafficking and pedophile rings are no longer tolerated where diplomatic immunity does not apply. We must pressure our representatives to reform what the terms of diplomatic immunity that is fair and just where no one is above the law on US soil.

One of Presidents Donald Trumps legal troubles holding pedophiles accountable will be that many of these perpetrators have diplomatic immunity as a means to escaping justice. Let’s not let what Katheryn Bolkovac work she started not be for nothing.