Why Church Attendance is Down? Is the Christian Faith Dead in America?

I read countless accounts at one time that church attendance was common across America before I was born.  It was American as apple pie to gather for Sunday worship. That was a time when the church was the salt of the earth that preserved the moral standards of society.

In the 1950s Senator Lyndon  Johnson of Texas proposed and passed in both houses of Congress to place Churches under the 501c3 status that is a scam. Churches are not required to apply for a tax-exempt status. Churches have always had a tax exempt status before the 501c3 law came into effect. The moral authority of the church has been eroded severely when the houses of worship signed on to this tax exempt illusion. The Christian Church no longer has a positive influence in society when 501c3 status is preventing them from preaching about the corruption from the pulpit.

The reason why Sen. Johnson wanted to the churches to be under the 501c3 law was because the Churches were preaching against the corruption he was involved in. He barely won reelection because the churches in Texas were exposing the corruption, he was a part of. Passing the 501c3 law silenced the pulpits from speaking out against the corruption in government.

I am a Christian, who believes Jesus was born from a virgin, came to be God in the flesh. He paid the penalty of sin upon the cross to satisfy God’s justice to die in our place and to rise on the third day. So do not accuse me of blasphemy or call me a heretic when I speak my mind.

Here is the damage the 501c3 has caused to the country because the church was hindered being the moral influence in society.

School prayer was taken out of the public schools by a ruling of the Us Supreme Court. The church was silent nowhere to be found.

The ten commandments were ordered taken down by the same high court not so long after. The church did not put up a fight to defend to source of all our law.

Do you wonder why churches never preach about the abuses and corruption of Child Protective services persecuting Christian families and home schools? The reason is because the pastor is afraid of losing his tax exempt status if he speaks out against this agency.

The most tragic was when abortion was made legal by the same court. The church was absent and not on the radar when it came to speaking out.

Why has this happened? It is because when a church has a 501c3 status. Christ is no longer the head of the church. The IRS becomes the head of the church dictating what the pastors can say from the pulpit. If he does not comply and preaches the evils of abortion or any other political issue that goes against the government narrative. They can lose their tax-exempt status. As a result, the message of the Christian faith has been watered down.

There is one of the reason why the church as we know it is in decline. But there is other reasons that can drive a person from attending church.

I got turned off going to church because the message from the pulpit was questionable. I had the morality police getting into my personal life. If I had a drink of an adult beverage, Then I was a heathen who needed to repent. If I talk with a woman on the streets. They thought I was going to have sex with her and was told not to talk to the opposite sex because too many temptations. I stopped going to that church because I did not need the headaches.

Instead of the this church speaking out against what is ailing the community. It focused on making people feel dirty because they got a boner when they woke up in the morning was a bad thing.If I had a attraction to a woman I had interest in. I was told it was lust and it was bad. Looking back at this time in my life. I was not this evil lust beast they tried to make me out to be, What I was feeling was very natural and given by our Creator so someday I can find a mate so me and her can repopulate the earth. Not a sin at all, just God given instincts. These are the types of churches that drive people away when this type of indoctrination goes on.

I also noticed the people were not real. They were not themselves. Hearing the phrase ” Praise the Lord!” constantly when I know what was said was not sincere irked at me. There were no real men. Just robots trying to look righteous and pious to look the part. The ladies were afraid of talking to a man in casual passing by in the halls fearing the rebuke from those who claim to be holier then thou.

When I started to read all four Gospels in the bible. Jesus reached out to the sinners who needed help.  He also stood against the religious order and hypocrisy we see today in many churches. This is a big reason I see why people are leaving the church and seeking an alternative venue to worship God.

I can tell you that the Christian faith is not fading in America. It is going in a different direction. Many Christian denominations have abandoned the faith. They have adopted doctrines that are highly questionable when it goes against the bible. This might be a reason people have stopped attending these churches because they betrayed the faith.

People are fed up of the corruption in the church leadership. People are tired of the hypocrisy in the pulpit. So did these people who left the Church abandon the faith? The answer may surprise you.
Church attendance is down. That is a fact. So where are these people going to worship and fellowship with fellow believers?  Many home churches are starting up in leaps and bounds replacing the traditional church. Fellow Christians in smaller groups worship God to the dictates of their own conscience and not held back by the modern day Pharisees and Sadducee  with religious dogma.

The Christian faith is not dead. It is being decentralized were denominations and the 501c3 no more rule the pulpit. The home-based church groups now are starting to dominate. A concept where all the members in the group participate. They are feeding the poor and helping the hurting on the streets. Not just sit in a pew trying to stay awake. The home-based church is the trend of the future.

Christianity is not dead in America or fading away.  Just because church attendance is down. It does not mean people abandoned the faith. So do not lose heart. Jesus bypassed the traditional religious order of the day to preach his message. So will Christians do as Jesus done bypassing the apostate church too.

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  1. Great post, Zenger, glad you are a believer in Christ like me, and I totally agree with you about 501-c3, home schooling, and the rest. But I do think it is worse than this. 501-c3 is just the tip of the iceberg as far as lack of faith anymore. Other reasons are, for example, so many churches put Israel on the same footing or even above Christ (Christian Zionism, esp. John Hagee), so many churches put money over the Word of God (prosperity gospel, esp. Joel Osteen), so many churches commit abominations like “faith healing” that actually makes one look like he’s demonically possessed (Benny Hinn among others), or act like cults (many pentacostal churches act this way, including snake charmers)–and then you have the corruption of youth culture and the media on top of that. 1963–Lyndon Johnson, God-out-of-public-school, pop culture corruption and drugs like LSD, Vietnam War, and 501-c3. Yep they all work together.

  2. Religions fade over time, always. Don’t see many Zeus worshippers, do you?

    And the modern realities of ever-faster changing technology and knowledge make it increasingly difficult (and silly) to maintain belief in Biblical fairy stories.

  3. The reason church attendance might be going down is because the church has betrayed us, not the other way around. By aligning itself with the IRS via the 501 (c) 3 clause, the church has declared itself an enemy of Jesus Christ and therefore His followers.

  4. There is no holy Jew race. There is no holy jew god in a holy jew heaven. Race is a stupid lie. God is a stupid lie. Jews are not holy. Who would want you to worship Jews as holy? The BritishEmpire/N.A.T.O. heroine mafia that the pentagon serves.
    The pentagon military scrip Federal reserve note is accepted and endorsed in all the treason and slavery promoting christian churches. Churches are fronts for the pentagon BritishEmpire/NA.T.O. heroine mafia. Islam, Israel and the Vatican are major partners in the British Empire.

  5. In 2003 when the Iraq war began I had to listen to a rant from a Catholic priest who supported the war! I told him: you shall not kill! Since then I never went into any church.

  6. The Truth is that there is only one church..the church of the Bible. When anyone confesses with their mouth that Jesus is the
    Son of God,who came to earth in the flesh, born of a virgin, and was crucified on a cross and died for our sins against God.Was in the tomb for 3 days and 3 nights, then rose again early on the first day of the week That whosoever believes in Him repents of their sin, and is baptized will be saved. At that point the believer is added to Christs’ church. So forget denominationalism which can only bring division and discord among those who have truly been saved while disobeying the
    what the Bible says about the church. You don’t see any denominations in the Bible. So I urge every one who believes in Jesus to find a local Church of Christ in your community today !

  7. If you have a contract with the -commercial- USA, Inc. you are under ‘its’ jurisdiction. Get Social Security….. you’re in. Accept any benefit from the Federal Gov. …. same thing. USA, Inc was created after the Civil War ended. Based upon the Constitution’s unlimited right to contract. The Constitution does not apply to you as a UNITED STATES CITIZEN. You first have to give up the ‘goodies’ and rejoin the States United of America. Then you can become a man or woman again….. as opposed to a ‘person’ artifical corporate entity.

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