Why Traitor Vice President Mike Pence Has to Go

One of the biggest mistakes President Trump did was extending an Olive Branch to the establishment wing of the Republican party. One of those mistakes trying to appeal to the establishment wing of the GOP after securing the nomination was choosing former Governor of Indiana Mike Pence to be his running mate.

To me, you cannot be open borders, amnesty to illegal aliens and to be free trade and still call himself a born-again Christian. He says one thing and does the opposite. I do not trust the man. He is just Republican in name only.

Here are the reasons why President Trump needs to dump this man or force him to resign with honor to avoid being publicly shamed.
The truth is that before Mike, Pence was being chosen to be his running mate. The voters of Indiana was ready to vote him out of office.

When the Carrier Air conditioner plant announced they were moving their factory to Mexico. Governor Mike Pence did not lift a finger to save the jobs that were being lost. It was President Elect Donald Trump before he was sworn in that kept the plant from moving south of the border. Governor Pence was perfectly content to see Carrier relocated to Mexico without a fight.

He is a neocon for endless wars of conquest. At the Republican convention.

His rhetoric towards Russia tells me he does not want improved relations with President Putin. This is the opposite to what the POTUS wants. Instead Pence like the other hawks wants war like the other neoconservatives want.

At the Republican convention. He lied to the delegates saying Russia invaded Syria and the Crimea which is not true.

The real truth is Russia was invited into Syria by President Assad to help take out the Islamic Militant group ISIS.

The province of Crimea which was part of Ukraine voted to secede, which won by an overwhelming majority in an election. Than the Crimean people voted to be part of the Russia federation.  There was no invasion.

This statement in his speech contradicted Donald Trump’s public position on Russia concerning Syria and Crimea.

Vice President Pence was  colluding Johnny DeStefano was  being reported by reliable sources is working with other establishment republicans in the White House trying to push out  people loyal to Donald Trump. This cunning tactic was preventing these hardcore supporters from working for the President. This is by stalling paperwork and background checks past the 120-day period therefor replacing people who are never-Trumpers in the White House being around the President.

VP Pence by White House sources waiting in the wings to be the President with Paul Ryan as Vice President, In a planned coup that has been exposed. 

VP Pence went against the President’s word promising Australia to take in Muslim refugees being detained on an island.

It has been reported I that seems to be no solid confirmation.  That is VP Pence was responsible behind the scenes ousting National Security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn with the cover story of not revealing everything when talking to the Russian ambassador to the Vice President Mike Pence.

Other Sources say the real reason for Gen Flynn resigning is that he had evidence revealing VP Michael Pence’s best friend is involved in Pedophilia. It makes me wonder if the VP was involved in covering up any pedophile investigations while Governor of Indiana or was involved himself. This is the type of things the Deep state uses to control politicians. Vice President Pence seems to be the globalist choice of President Trump to occupy the oval office.

The President needs a VP who is first qualified and shares the President’s vision for the Republic. If the President was going to die tomorrow. Mike Pence would be the President, and Speaker of the House would be the VP. It will be two globalist puppets that will do what they are told by the masters who rule in the shadows.

Sooner or later, the VP is going to be exposed for what he truly is. He is a globalist. He is a traitor, and he is not the born-again Christian he claims to be. When the light is shone on him for betraying the President. People will demand he steps down, be arrested or be fired.
If that happens. The President should choose a VP who is just as strong, who is a patriot and knows the Constitution. He will be loyal to the President and will obey his oath. Then he should suggest House of Representatives call for a vote on the House floor. Calling on our congressmen to overwhelmingly give a vote of no confidence telling Rep. Paul Ryan to step down as Speaker of the House and resign his seat in Congress along with Majority leader Sen. Mitch McConnell step down from his position and retire from the Senate. These people are standing in the way repealing Obamacare and tax relief. VP Pence is not helping the POTUS. Evidence reveals he is working against the President behind the scenes.

VP Mike Pence has to go. In my opinion. He is no more a Christian than Anton Levey. He is no more a Patriot than Benedict Arnold. He may pay lip service claiming he is pro life. But in reality, he is a back stabber and two faced and cannot be trusted. The POTUS needs a new VP.

Picking a Senator Rand Paul would be a improvement over a neocon like Mike Pence. Do you agree?