Our Domestic Threat Assessment That Goes Beyond Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA We Cannot Ignore

Before the Patriots get overconfident that ANTIFA and is being disavowed by the left wing politicians for being a street gang or terrorist organization. Don’t hold your breath thinking these Political figures are sincere in their comments. I think they said that just to deflect the backlash. The leftist politicians will throw ANTIFA and even Black Lives Matter under the bus to save their own ass, for the moment, for public relation reasons to buy time before they make their next move. The ruling oligarchs working through the deep state has more than one asset to achieve their goals trying to take over the government.
George Soros and his minions in government positions do not put all their eggs in one basket when trying to take down the United States. October 2017 is the 100 year anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia where the Communist overthrew the czar. The global oligarchs are determined to overthrow the Republic by any means necessary to repeat what happened in 1917. For decades, the Globalist has been planning to replace our constitutional form of government with authoritarian rule.
I am not trying to scare anyone. I am just trying to say that we cannot underestimate what the American people are really up against. I have no doubt that we will win. Through the years of President Obama of trying to disarm the population through legislation and executive orders. Americans have armed themselves with a record number of gun sales and ammunition. Still we can’t afford to be complacent with what faces us on the ground. We can’t trust the Police to defend us because many times they have protected the domestic enemies like we have seen at Berkley and Charlotsville. The tyrants have more assets to try to achieve their objective than ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter who are sent to the front as expendable cannon fodder.

Here are the threats we face:

Even through Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are being discredited trying to start a race war in the  country when Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast. What was demonstrated is that everyone came together regardless of race and helped each other. The perception of Americans being a racist society was debunked. The credibility of this media driven race war trying to stoke the fires of racism has been diminished.

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter maybe down, but not out. We can see these groups going the way of the terrorist group called the Weather Underground. This group has been known to bomb police stations and other terrorist attacks in the 1970s. We can see these groups making homemade bombs and using small drones to deploy these weapons to inflict as many deaths and casualties as a chilling effect to spread fear through terrorism.

There are other threats that are not talked about. Just because they are not reported in the alternative and mainstream media pro or con. It does not mean these groups are not a threat. Sometimes when ignored or not talked about. It does mean the possibility they maybe working under the radar as an unexpected asset no one expects.
Now I have to mention of an asset no one talks about today. This is one group we cannot ignore. This is criminal elements in the US Government using the street gangs from the inner cities like the Crypts and the Bloods as a force against the American people. We have MS-13 and other street gangs that are already organized with leadership and chain of command. Back in the 1990s, there was talk of using street gangs as a military force to subdue the population. All the government has to do is give them uniforms and weapons. This is a possible threat can’t be ignored.
What about the militant racist organizations called La Raza, Lulac ,and Mecha? These groups are rarely reported on these days in the Alternative media and the mainstream press regardless of the Trump administration enforcing immigration laws with the border crossings down and deportations up. Did these groups disband or stop their activities of achieving their goal? It is a possibility these militant groups can be the odd man out as an asset to destabilize the southwest of the United States that has a large Hispanic population in this region.

These are groups hell-bent on reclaiming the southwest of the USA for Mexico. Do not be surprised if these groups rear their ugly head as an insurgency against the legitimate governments in the southwestern United States. These groups can also go the way like the FALN and the weather Underground too. That can be a very strong possibility.

With President Trump outlawing Sanctuary cities and reversing the executive order giving dreamers legal status. Just because Mecha, La Raza and Lulac are keeping a low profile. These are factions we must not ignore. Just because we have not heard from them in a while. It does not mean their agenda is stalled.

With California pushing for secession. This could be the beach head of the New World Order to launch an offensive to the bring instability to the southwest using Mexican influence as a battering ram against the rest of the United states.

The Mexican government through their consulates have been reported to have made threats as an act of war using Spanish-speaking radio and TV media. The Mexican government working for the New World Order are known to use threats to shut down major cities mobilizing hoards of illegal aliens in the streets if they do not get their way. The Mexican government will use Spanish speaking media as a propaganda arm as a weapon against the American people.

The former Defense Secretary under President Ronald Reagan made a prediction. The late Casper Wienburger in his book talked about the possible war with Mexico and the effect it will have within the borders of the United States. 

excerpts from his book states the chilling reality saying:

A powerful leader blames Mexico’s problems on the “Gringo”
Unrest spreads throughout Mexico
Millions head north across the border
Drug gangs engage in terrorism in the U.S.
U.S. forced to invade Mexico to topple the regime.

South of the border we have the CIA trained and backed Los Zatas that are an Army of the Drug Cartels in Mexico. This can be a force to be reckoned with who can attack and terrorize the towns along the southern border with a greater intensity then we have known before. This group protect in the Drug cartels backed by the Deep state could be another destabilization force at their disposal to take down the United States.

The other faction comes from the United Nations bring in fighting age men from countries that are collapsed from Africa and the Middle East. These people come from a culture that is not compatible with American culture. These fighting age men are being located in small towns across America, who arrive by chartered planes at night not to arouse public suspicion. In Western Europe, were these Middles Eastern and African fighting age males have been resettled. There have been reports of weapons catches found. I wonder how many of these weapons are pre deployed throughout the United States for when the order is given. Will they be used to go after the American people?          

Larry Nichols, a former political operative of President Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. In a series of YouTube videos, he talked about a nightmare scenario if Deerborn Michigan was declared an Islamic Caliphate by radical Muslims. These so-called, refugees resettled nationwide who are not woman and children from Syria, but fighting age men. How many of these towns that have these people being placed in have weapon catches pre deployed to set up these Islamic caliphates in small towns across the United States? We can see a heavy loss of life nationwide of Christians refusing to convert to Islam. It does not look like a pretty picture to imagine.

I do not blame President Trump 100 percent for these threats not being dealt with. The bureaucracy is ignoring him and outright defying him. President Trump came into office with the deck stacked against him with President Obama’s stay behind network to thwart the new chief of the executive branch of government.

The rank and file Police and Military I know will not go along with a coup to unset President Trump.  Except Police in democrat run cities who do thew bidding for the corrupt city governments. This is why we have these paramilitary groups like ANTIFA, Black lives Matter, LULAC, La Raza, MECHA and the influx of middle eastern men of fighting age. These paramilitary groups might be the paramilitary forces put in strategic places in position to carry the destabilization of the United States. All these factions are supported and backed by the deep state, the Rockefeller and Ford foundations to undermine and circumvent our republican form of government. We must look at all these groups with suspicion in such a time as this.

Never mind the press generated  threats of North Korea or Syria. We have real threats right here on American soil that are determined to achieve their objectives by any means necessary. They are driven by ideology. They are highly motivated, well funded and organized. They are not playing games. They are serious and waiting patiently for the opportunity to make their move.

If President trump wants to make American great and stable. He is going to have to grab the bull by the horns regardless of the blow back from the press and the political establishment in both political parties. That is mass firings and arrest in the FBI, The CIA, the State Department, Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and purge the bureaucracies of all Clinton, Bush and Obama holdovers committing treason giving aid and comfort to these groups  planning to wage war against the American people.

We cannot depend on President Trump to save the day. We have to find  where these paramilitary groups are locally. Through local Law enforcement and militias. We can takes steps to neutralize and deter this potential insurgent force from acting against the America people.

Regardless if Hurricane Harvey and Irma might be a smoke screen for this insurgent and insurrection forces to move into place. It has been reported of United Nation trucks are being stored industrial warehouses, Could they be  the force to be peacekeepers to be our protectors against these threats to provoked . But the UN has been proven to be the threat itself to take over America as the end game has been the agenda.

With a planned coup to remove an elected president. Having all these foundation and deep state backed groups who are sworn enemies of the republic. We can have a perfect storm of a civil war starting where these groups could be activated to keep Americans fighting these factions hoping the overwhelm the patriots. With such fighting from these globalist paramilitary groups. This could be a strategy by preventing the people resisting a globalist takeover of the nations capital.

Regardless, we have threats here on American soil we cannot ignore. It is up to us ultimately to deal with them and remove them from our mist. Do not hold your breath thinking Homeland Security will deal with it. We must do it or we get what we deserve.


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  1. Did George Soros disclose his Nazi collaboration on his USA immigration papers?
    I guarantee he did NOT, because he would not have been admitted.
    Therefore he LIED on his immigration forms and his “admittance” to America is NULL & VOID.
    Deport Soros & his SPAWN to their native Hungary (which has an arrest warrant for WWII out on him).
    Not one more PEEP about the holoCOST —— ALL the Soros Family money should be forfeit ….. it was founded on money stolen from Jewish victims of the Holocaust and should ALL be handed over as reparations ———— Or was there NO holocaust?! There was NO holocaust — if there had been Israel & Jews everywhere would be DEMANDING George Soros be HANGED. Soros’ multi $BILLION fortune was started on supposedly stolen Jewish property, and yet NOT A PEEP out of Israel?! Why are janitors and clerks persecuted but Soros walks free and BRAGS about it!? FUNNY there are no Israeli demands Soros’ money be turned over to holocaust survivors? !
    How many of YOUR/America’s $4+BILLION in WELFARE given to Israel every year comes back to America in the form of BRIBES to “american” politicians? Traitors voting to give Israel MORE, so they can get bigger BRIBES. https://youtu.be/z6UNufFaino ALL the WELFARE we have been giving israel is ILLEGAL http://presstv.com/Detail/2016/08/13/479869/US-aid-Israel-illegal-

    Israel: Three dual-citizen MKs ordered to annul their foreign passports by Shahar Ilan Haaretz Wed, 18 Feb 2009
    The Central Elections Committee has ordered three Knesset members with dual citizenship to annul their foreign passports by next Tuesday’s swearing-in ceremony, or at least begin steps to cancel them.
    The three lawmakers are Yohanan Plesner of Kadima (who has Danish citizenship), Nitzan Horowitz of Meretz (a Polish citizen) and Yisrael Beiteinu’s Anastasia Michaeli, who holds a Russian passport. The Basic Law on the Knesset states that “a member of Knesset holding an additional citizenship that is not Israeli … will not take the oath of loyalty until he has done everything he can to relinquish it.”
    Michaeli, a former Miss St. Petersburg beauty queen, moved to Israel in 1997 after marrying an Israeli, and converted to Judaism. Yesterday she submitted a request to the Russian embassy to annul her citizenship, lamenting, “There’s so much bureaucracy and so many documents are needed.”
    Despite having grown up in Russia, and the fact that her parents and brother still live there, Michaeli says she has built a home in Israel, and that she anticipates no problems should she choose to visit her country of birth.
    Only Michaeli knew of the requirement ahead of time. Despite their surprise, both Plesner and Horowitz said the rule would not have affected their decision to run for office. Horowitz, formerly Channel 10 News’ foreign news editor, told Haaretz he had acquired Polish citizenship thanks to his father’s origins. He said he used the foreign passport to report in countries that Israelis have trouble entering, for example when making a film about the aftermath of a tsunami in Indonesia.
    Horowitz added, however, that he recognizes that many countries around the world demand of their members of parliament that they relinquish foreign passports, and that the requirement is “completely legitimate.”
    Plesner entered the Knesset in September 2007, having replaced Shlomo Breznitz, who resigned. The Knesset secretary, however, forgot to demand that he cancels his Danish citizenship, which he inherited from his father. That passport, he said, allowed him certain “freedoms to conduct business.”

    1. Where is the ‘Super Duper Deluxe” investigation of Israeli collusion in American elections? It is right in your face.

  2. The Jews 1962 Blueprint for Taking over America

    Document Page 1. In the early 1960’s, Israel funneled more than $5 million into US propaganda and lobbying operations. The funding, equivalent to more than $35 million in today’s dollars, was laundered from the the quasi governmental Jewish Agency into an Israel lobby umbrella group, the American Zionist Council. This two page master plan was subpoenaed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and discussed in the 1963 hearings on Israel’s US foreign agents.

    “We have castrated society through fear and intimidation. Its manhood exists only in combination with a feminine outward appearance. Being so neutered, the populace has become docile and easily ruled. As all geldings in nature, their thoughts are not involved with the concerns of the future and their posterity, but only with the present toil and the next meal.”

    “We Jews have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we promote both sides of the issue as confusion reigns. With their eye’s fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is behind every scene. We Jews toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse.”

    Since November 22nd, 1963 the USA has been ruled by an illegal
    regime, as a vassal state to Israel and World Zionism.

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