Recent Natural Disasters Are a Blessing in Disguise for President Trump Uniting the Nation

I can tell that Prescient Trump has had good timing when Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast, A Possible Hurricane Irma and the wildfires in Los Angeles is the other challenge.  These are events that unite the nation and rally behind the effort.  I know there is nothing good about going through these disasters. I spent 7 days in the hospital recently when Downgraded Tropical Storm Harvey was dumping rain all over southeast Texas. I watched from 24 stories up seeing rescue efforts from my window and the raw power of nature. In the same, the demonstration of our true national character was shining through.

Before Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast. The racial and cultural agitators where trying to ignite a race war nationwide in an attempt to overthrow our republican form of government. Historical statues where being torn down because of this artificial perception that America was a racist country driven by the fake news media to foment strife was being intensified. Hurricane Harvey became George Soros’s worst nightmare because the narrative he was trying to use the divide the nation was unraveling. These talking points were being debunked when Texans of all races came together and helped each other. Something the deep state did not want to happen.

Now we have the wild fires in California and Hurricane Irma threatening the mainland of the USA. President Trump I know is poised to act to help the people effected calling on all Americans to unite and pray. He will acknowledge our strong national character in the hearts of those rescuing and helping those in need.

As a nation and a people of many diverse ethnic backgrounds. We share the common struggle to overcome the impossible. having shared camaraderie with our neighbors we might have met for the first time. It is the blessings of getting know our neighbors or a stranger who is our new friend is the essence of rebuilding the American character from the grassroots up. Not from the trickle down social engineers in Washington trying to mold society into their image they call a Brave New World..

Natural disasters are not a good thing  to experience to go through. But when the rebuilding and restoration starts and people begin to rebuild their lives. The restoring of our national character is more important than the rebuilding of structures. This is something money can not buy that goes far more than what Washington can do Making America great Again.

Hurricane Harvey aftermath demonstrated one thing that is the blessing in disguise  to our POTUS cheers. It is not government and politicians that will make American great again. It is the blessing of Texans coming together of all walks of life that still makes American great.


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