The Book”The Trump Prophesies” A Honest Review


When I received the book in the mail last Saturday afternoon . I wasted no time removing the book from the package. Then I started reading the writings of a retired Orlando Florida Firefighter who does not claim himself to be a self appointed prophet or any title in the church. Just the words of an average man who desires to be a servant of the Lord writing the words inspired by the holy spirit.

I was not able to put down the book for long. I read the book most of the evening until I fell asleep in my chair.  I finished all 227 pages of the book the following morning when I woke up early before sunrise. This book is so captivating. I am surprised Mark is not a guest on George Noory’s show Coast to Coast AM.

If you go to YouTube and type in the search term “The Mark Taylor Prophesies.” You will find Mark doing interviews as far back as April 2016 before the GOP primaries ended and the Republican National Convention convened to select their candidate. Mark in these interviews has spoke without hesitation stating Donald Trump will be our next President.

To go back before the book was published. Mark’s first writing started way back on April 28, 2011 in his first prophesy titled Commander and Chief declaring that God has anointed and appointed Donald J. Trump to be the next President of the United States.

Mark has also written about Justice Scalia’s death before it happened and that President Trump will pick the next supreme court justice to take his place, not Obama or Hillary. As predicted. President Donald Trump had his pick for the US Supreme Court confirmed.

All what Mark in his writing concerning the election and Trump appointing a new US Supreme Court Justice have come to pass. All inspired by the Holy spirit.

Go to Mark Taylor’s website   and go to the tab in the top right hand corner saying Prophetic words and you will see all his writings that were inspired by the Holy Spirit. You will see Mark is the real deal and what he has written so far has come to pass. You be the judge.

This is an authentic book that is genuine. This is not a fortune teller book looking into the future. It is not written to make the average christian to feel warm and fuzzy in a comfortable life. It is written for the motivated disciple of Jesus who wants to take ground back that was lost by sharing the good news of Jesus. It is not a book to make the Sunday pew warming experience more meaningful.  This book is not meant for those who are in the comfort zone in the four walls of the church. It is a book to spiritually equip the member of the body of Christ for individual ministry. To prepare the believer to be commissioned into the Army of God who are ready to get their hands dirty in the endeavor to spread the Christian faith and reclaim America for Jesus.

This book is not a novel, a how to self help book or a biography as we might known other christian books to be. This book is the Christian Soldier’s Army manual for victory. This book is a template for the motivated Christian soldier to complete the mission and the objectives to take back America for Christ.

I recommend this book because Mark holds nothing back. Buy this book not to give Mark a pat on the back. Buy the book so he can give all the glory to God. It was worth the time reading if the believer wants to take back America bypassing the corrupt religious institutions who have watered down the gospel.

From me to you the. If you are ready to take back America for the Lord. This book is about going beyond the four walls of the church and being the dominate moral influences in society again. To make the gospel of Jesus the true counter culture opposing the globalist depravity being rammed down people’s throats in the media outlets. This is the book to read and use as a future reference for the soldier for Christ to advance to the next objective and hold the ground won.

It is worth the money. Buy It!

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