To Christians and Patriots. It is Time Not to Lay down your Arms and rest on Our laurels. The Real Battle Begins.

When I was in the US Army stationed at Ft Irwin in the Mojave Desert. As the force, I was a part of was called OPFOR meaning opposing force. When we would win a battle against enemy force which was the unit that rotated to National training Center for training. 

They would learn to train how to fight Soviet forces back in the day using their warfare tactics against the enemy force to prepare our military for a possible war with the U.S.S.R.

After a battle. There were followed up steps to keep from being utterly destroyed or not lose ground gained in a battle. Setting up a defensive position was the move to preserve the victory or buy time to regroup for the possible attack coming or the next offensive.

When our units were in battle; regardless if we won or lost in a real war situation. Did the units go back to the barracks and drink beer and watch sports? No, not at all in true military protocol. The commander would set up defensive positions whether we won or lost a battle to make sure the enemy force would not regroup for a surprise counter attack.

When Donald Trump won the election defeating Hillary Clinton and the globalist. Did the corrupt ruling elites who spend decades trying to build their world government fold up their tents and go home? No,they did not. They were playing possum waiting for the people to go back to sleep hoping complacency will set in before they try their next move.

Not even a month after the election was over. The Democrats along with Hillary using former Green Party candidate Jill Stein to call for recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania hoping to swing the electoral collage in these states to change the outcome and influence the electors to change their vote. That back fired.

Second they used the blame game of saying Russia hacked the election hoping to get Obama keep President elect Donald Trump from being sworn in as our 45th President.

All the above has failed. Donald Trump is our 45th President. Still we
can’t afford to lay down our weapons in the information and political
war. The real battle has just begun. 

President Donald Trump not only has to deal with the threat of the shadow government I call the rogue deep state who hide the the dark corners in the intelligence agencies trying to pull a soft coup to remove the President from power.

He has to deal with the enemies in his own party who are globalist. House Speaker Paul Ryan is trying to keep Obamacare in place under another name repealing the affordable care act and just changing its name.

He has to deal with un-elected Democrats in the bureaucracy appointed by former President Barrack for obstructing President
Trump’s agenda protecting Obama’s legacy.

The former President is now residing two miles away from the White House setting up a network of trained paid agitators funded by George Soros. These groups are spread out with 250 chapters nationwide identified as Organize for America are dispatched to disrupt town-hall hall meetings in districts to oppose the repeal of Obamacare and obstruct the reversing of Obama’s disastrous policies for the past eight years.

Do not forget it has been a 100 years since the Bolshevik communist
revolution in Russia took place overthrowing the Czars. This May they plan on people funded by leftist foundations to occupy Washington DC to attempt to overthrow the sitting President and put us under a globalist puppet dictatorship to derail the Trump agenda.

My fellow Christians and patriots. Prepare defensive positions positions when we get a victory or defeat We will not win all the battles to regain the soul of America. If we stand our ground. We will win the war for the soul of American. But we always have to prepare for the defense so we do not lose ground we have gained. We can’t
afford to rest on our laurels and be complacent. The real war has