Russian Athletes Were Not Allowed to Show their Country’s Flag in Opening Winter Olympic Ceremony.


This doping scandal accusing the Russian athletes of using performance enhancing supplements I think is a hoax to punish Russia. I believe Russia is being punished for defying the New World Order. This is selective enforcement to single out one country.There are dirty athletes from other countries not causing the whole team from being disqualified to participate in the games . Only Russians by punishing those who are innocent of doping by not allowing them to carry their nation’s flag while other countries were caught doping are still allowed to carry their flags says something stinks to high heaven,

With political correctness and the Russian federation passing a law prohibiting from teaching homosexuality in public schools so children to live in peace and not have this confusion rammed down their throats in their early years. Russia did not attack Gay rights. They just prohibited teaching this type of deviance to minors. I remember very well watching Bob Costa virtue signal by bashing Russia for their anti-gay policy while the games were hosted in Sochi ruined the joy of watching the games.


Now the Winter Olympic games are in Korea. I know the Olympic committee has banned Russia from participating in the winter games over this so called doping scandal. But athletes from Russia can participate. I believe this has nothing to do with doping at all. What I witnessed watching the opening ceremony in Korea made me very upset to see how Russian athletes were treated. All the nations were called by names all carrying their country’s flag. All the nations held their flags waving them except the Russian Federation. Instead, it read ” Athletes from Russia” Not the Russian Federation with no flag.


This is hypocrisy, The same body that banned Russian Team as a nation because doping gave an unfair competitive advantage now  says if a man declares he is a woman. He can participate in woman events having an unfair advantage over female athletes really raises questions about the credibility and integrity of the International Olympic Committee over performance enhancement drug. Now when a man saying he is a female does exposes the hypocrisy or doping giving an unfair advantage over other athletes?So I wonder will the Olympic committee ban countries who will not allow transgender males to participate as a female athletes on their team? It would not surprise me.

Before people jump to conclusions saying Russia got what they deserve. Think about this for a second if countries like Poland, Hungry, Romania, the Czech Republic and even the America, who is defying the New World Order not allowing no more refugees or cracking down on illegal immigration into their countries. Could we along with these countries get a doping scandal and get banned in the next Olympic games? Will these athletes be reduced to not be allowed to show their country’s flag and national pride if they want to participate in the Olympic games?

I want the athletes from Russia not be stripped of their dignity to show their patriotism. This attack on Russian patriotism is an attack on all nations who want to participate in the Olympic games who want to represent their countries. Barring them by prohibiting these athletes for showing their national pride of the country they represent because their government will not play ball with the globalist should make us all angry.

If there was any doping of athletes; then let the individual be disqualified, not the whole team. I call on people to go on social media and #allowtherussianflag


2018 Must be the Year of Dealing with Voter and Election Fraud or the Democrats Will take Back Congress

The defeat by Judge Roy Moore in Alabama must be the battle cry to start dealing with the integrity of our elections. So far to the rest of the world, they see our election system as a joke because voter and election fraud is rampant nationwide. What happened in Alabama can not happen again. So where do we begin? First, we must support Judge Roy Moore’s court case contending the election results. Hopefully through discovery in a trial, the truth of what really happened in Alabama comes to light. Maybe there will be a public outcry so intense. Election reform might be possible.

When I say come to light. Exposing the people with out of state drivers licenses  voting in  multiple precincts along with the deceased voting. Did you know the Veterans of the Spanish American War endorsed Doug Jones for the Senate? I know the Veterans of the Mexican war endorsed Hillary Clinton. (A little sarcastic humor.)

So how do we deal with keeping dead people from voting? It should be made law that the County Vital statistics office notify the county supervisor of elections with a death certificate entered into the database of the deceased person so they cannot be registered to vote. Then political oporatives can’t register people to vote reading the local obituaries and prevent democrat hacks from writing down the names on tombstones at the city cemetery.

When there are dead people voting and illegal immigrants being allowed to cast ballots only reserved for US citizens alive and kicking by stuffing the ballot box with  illegal votes . This is how the elections are stolen from the people. This is why the Democrats oppose voter ID laws because this would not allow illegal immigrates and dead people to vote help them stay in power.

As one solution I will propose is not only a voter ID law requirement. I would propose the repeal the Motor Voter laws that allow Illegal immigrants to register the vote getting a drivers license ,especially in California and Chicago. Democrats have abused this Motor Voter law to register people ineligible to vote. But a picture voter ID issued by the county supervisor of elections proving with the proper documents they are legally naturalized Americans or native born citizens of this country and state they live in. It can be considered a valid ID just like a drivers license. A form of ID separate from state issued cards and Driver licenses.  Mexico has a voter ID card issued to legal voters which is also recognized as a valid ID for other services just like a Driver License recognized by the government.

The next reform to our elections is getting rid of the electronic voting machines. George Soros and other Globalist corporations who have a stake in keeping the corrupt puppets in power by tampering with the results of the election to keep the corrupt government officials in power despite the pubic outrage against these politicians. We need to go back to paper ballots with a control number matching the voter to the ballot with hard copies kept in storage and digital copies scanned on computer with instant access. When voter is finished casting their ballot. The get a stub with the control number matching the ballot.

Larry Nichols a longtime Clinton insider told people in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin to request and vote using a paper ballot instead of electronic voting machines. This is what I believed carried President Trump over the top winning these states because of paper ballots being used instead of using electronic voting machines.

As the voters, who must keep watch over our government. History has proven they cannot be trusted to run a fair and open election. We have to be there to watch the ballots to be counted in public view. We have plenty of digital cameras and camcorders that are very cheap to buy to use to record the counting of the ballots with the tabulation recorded on paper and on video.

We have to network with other patriots to poll watch and do exit polling as well as watch the ballots being counted at every precinct along with other groups doing the same thing. The more groups that have the same result watching the count. The better because election fraud would be hard to pull off if we can get plenty of volunteers out at all the precincts and the central tabulation place in the county watching their every move.. All 50 states require the ballot counting be open to the public at all levels. We cannot trust the government to be honest. We have to be breathing down their necks to make sure they do not try to cheat/ The American people are the government, not the politicians who want to govern against the will of the people.

Our declaration of Independence said” All just powers derive from the consent of the governed”. Did you vote for a city councilmen, mayors, county commissioners so they can keep raising your property taxes every year? Did we vote for the war on drugs so police to take your property without being charged? Did you vote for a police state with a bunch of laws that violate the constitution? The reason is most of the elections were rigged is why our freedoms have eroded because there are people in government office who don’t belong there who cheated to stay in power.

Voter and Election fraud shields corrupt politicians from real public accountability at the ballot box. They got away with it so long because the fix was always in no matter how much the people oppose the way they govern because nothing changes. Did you see constantly were good upstanding people seeking public office who want to shrink the size of government or even eliminating the property tax altogether running on a pro growth platform to make necessary changes in the system for the benefit of the people never seem to get traction on election day? Most likely it is because the fix was in from the beginning.

It is because many of these politicians in power from local to federal are in these seats of government illegitimately because of a stolen election by fraud because they control the voting mechanism. This is why this country and many major big cities are in shambles being ran into the ground.

Voter and election fraud is not a victimless crime at all. How many people’s livelihoods and standard of living has been affected for the worse because of politicians kept in office by election and voter fraud? It has done the most harm to the people who are the most poorest stuck in the ghettos with no hope of escaping their condition because of corrupt government policies. This is why there are so many of these big cities like Chicago that are living hellholes. The voters can never seem to get rid of the political corruption and tackle the high crime in the city and county because the Windy city is known for election and voter fraud because the fix was always in before the first ballot was cast.

I propose that election and voter fraud no longer be just a felony. I suggest Voter and election fraud should be considered a high crime of TREASON because it is a conspiracy of two or more individuals planning to overthrow the government at the ballot box. The people are the government, not the politicians. It is giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States by shielding the corruption of political officers so these politicians keep violating their oaths who wage war against their constituents they are supposed to serve because election and voter fraud shields the ruling class from accountability.

Maybe a few public hangings for treason in the public squares might be a deterrent to anyone ever thinking about stealing an election since in most states and the federal government have treason defined in their constitutions of what it is. The penalty of treason is death.

We can’t wait on the politicians to reform our election system. It has to be a grassroots effort nationwide this November. We have to take charge. If we trust the government to fix our election system. It is like taking ex-lax believing it will relieve you of diarrhea. You get my point. Any more ideas? If the Democrats take over congress by fraud this midterm election. It will be our fault if we trust and believe the government to be fair and honest counting the votes. Than we are the ones to blame.


Rest in Peace Greg Evenson, A Former Host of RBN Passed Away January 27, 2018

One of the men I admired much is Greg Evenson who had a show on Republic Broadcasting Network in the past has passed away January 27, 2018. The cause is unknown at this time. Greg Evenson was a warrior and patriot. I got the news from Steve Quayle on the Daniel Ott’s show on his YouTube channel broadcast from yesterday’s upload.

Greg Evenson was a highly decorated Kansas Highway patrolmen, was a school teacher in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Greg has for years worked hard to expose the new world order and played part by his own words organizing a militia for the defense of the republic.

Greg was also a devout God fearing Christian who called on people to repent and to be spiritually strong to face the challenges coming showing his duty as a follower of Jesus Christ was to expose evil.

Greg Evenson has made an appearance in the documentary movie “Revelation” the follow up film of “Behold a Pale Horse” and hosted a show for a time on Republic Broadcasting network called Heartland USA. He has been a guest on many Patriot talk shows and has written many articles calling out the tyrannical agenda against America.

As patriots, we must not forget that without Greg Evenson tirelessly along with people like Alan Stang, Officer Jack McLamb, Jack Otto, Eustis Mullins and many other patriots who endured the hardships and persecution to sound off against the New World Order who are now deceased, but not forgotten. We might not be where we are defeating the globalist trying to bring down America without these great men leading the charge when it was unpopular to take a stand.

As the old warriors who for years have worked hard to expose the evil plans of the New World Order. We must learn from their example and take up the torch of liberty and press on to victory.

So when Greg meets his Lord. I hope his words are from the son of God “Well done good and faithful servant.”

Pres. Trump’s Art of Political Warfare vs. The Pro Illegal Immigration DACA Crowd?

The issue of illegal immigration has been a hot button issue for a long time. Americans are fed up with the lack of enforcement of the laws on the books not deporting people who crossed the border and the lack of prosecution of employers who hire workers who have no right to be in America.

The cornerstone of the Trump campaign was cracking down on illegal immigration. His message has resonated with 63 million people who cast their vote in the 2016 election based on dealing with on this controversial issue. The truth is now is President Trump going back on his word?

We just had a government shutdown because the Democrats wanted DACA passed to go hand and hand to keep the funding of the government. Sen. Chuck Schumer was exposed for his real true colors of his real motivation. The POTUS showed the country the Democrats want no DACA deal. The wanted to politically wound him by blaming the government shutdown on President Trump and the republicans. It has backfired on the Democrats.

I am very concerned the Patriot media are jumping to conclusions and rushing to judgement on Amnesty for 1.8 million illegal immigrants proposed by Steven Miller who is a pro immigration enforcement hawk. Is this part of President Trump’s art of Political warfare to finally defeat the open borders crowd once and for all be energizing his political base who oppose amnesty in any form.

The result of Steven Millers proposal shows Democrats and the pro illegal immigrant RINOs will never be satisfied no matter what is put on the table. Even after putting on the table giving amnesty to 1.8 million illegals which is more than double the 800,000 dreamers under the DACA proposal if they will fund the Border wall and [ass his merit based immigration bill.

When the president is about to do his first State of the Union speech on Jan. 29th. He defeated DACA ending the government shutdown. When he has proposed a merit based immigration reform that will attract the best and brightest from around the world who will be a benefit to the country, with the requirement they can’t go on welfare for 5 years, by ending chain migration, ending the visa lottery system. I hope also putting an end the abuse by corporations  using the H1B visa program to bring in cheap labor when Americans need jobs.

I hope for the best and prepared for the worse. I hope this is part of the POTUS’s art of political warfare against the democrats that have been successful in the past with similar tactics attacking conservatives and patriots are now are being used against them. A new kind of political warfare from a leader who is not a puppet to multinational corporations. He cannot be controlled, a loose cannon and only answers to the American people.

For now based on how he has defeated his opposition in the past with some political moves that even enraged the base turning against him. Later only to be on the right side of the issue drawing out the globalist. I will just have to wait and see by not rushing to judgement or jumping to conclusions. What do you think?


Remembering the Day the Space Shuttle Challenger Exploded January 28, 1986

That morning in Florida where I lived at the time was very cold that day. I was at the local community collage for an even that day. When the news of the space shuttle Challenge exploded. The mood among my classmates became very somber. We did not have access to a TV at the time. When most of us came home. When we all came home to find out what really happened. We all seen the explosion happen over and over on TV. We only had the three networks giving us the news at the time. We didn’t have IPhones or internet access back then to see what was going on in real time. Seeing the body language of some of the newsmen on TV trying to keep their composure seeing the Shuttle explode on live TV. Even the corporate media back in 1986 had some integrity did mourned with the nation.

This day does still brings many emotions back to my memory even through it was 32 years ago. Many of us knew where we were and what we were doing that day when the news broke. Even though I lived in west central Florida. We can see the Space Shuttle launch on a clear day. The weather was clear and very cold that day. My mom watched the shuttle launch from west central Florida on the gulf coast. She seen something went wrong from that distance, She raced inside the house to turn on the TV. As Americans we all were shocked and numb that day,

Still space is the final frontier planning to break out of the Earth’s orbit to return to the moon and go to Mars.  There will be great men and woman who will to risk their lives to go to the stars and beyond. There will be setbacks and triumphs. The Challenger explosion even though tragic did not hold back the space program. Now is the time we pick up where we left off to reach for the stars.

Six Reasons Why the NSA is Useless and Must Be Dismantled.

The National Security Agency has now become a threat to everyone. It does not matter who is in the White House or what party is in power in congress. The NSA has become a law unto itself or become weaponized for political reasons. It has out served its usefulness keeping America safe from threats within the United State and from abroad. The Former NSA director Michael Hayden admitted the agency no longer listens to dangerous people, but interesting people. Who are interesting people are he talking about? Could it be celebrity nude pictures and their text messages? Could the NSA be used by multinational corporations going after their competition? If true is a clear abuse of power.

Anyway here is why the NSA is useless:

1. When there were flash mobs nationwide attacking innocent people at carnivals and county fairs because they got a text message to go and attack at these locations. Where was the NSA helping the police track down who sent the message.

2. What about the ransomware that has invaded computers telling people to pay money to unlock computers. No one in the NSA lifted a finger to find out who is behind it.

3. What about the hackers that broke into businesses and the VA getting credit card and personal information? I don’t see the NSA taking action to find out who did it.

3. Where are Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 missing emails? I don’t see an effort by the NSA  to retrieve them.

4. What about those five months of  text message between an FBI agent Strzok and his lover Ms. Page talking about their plans how to remove President Trump from office? These text messages should be stored in the NSA databases. I bet the NSA has mine.

5. The NSA has helped the DOJ by wiretapping Lawyers who represented the defendants in Federal trials talking to their clients that violates Attorney Client privilege in order to help the Federal prosecutors.  I hope lawyers tell their clients not to discuss the case over the phone and when in office. When confiding with client, it should be where there is no electronic devices or even a phone in the room so the lawyers can maintain confidentiality of their clients.

6.  The agency is now so politicized with political hacks doing the bidding for the corrupt officials whos only interest is holding on to power at all cost. Weaponizing this agency as a tool go after the opposition and enemies to their agenda poses a threat to our republican form of government. It has been rumored that chief Justice John Roberts was blackmailed by the NSA to rule in favor of Obamacare.

This agency has blackmailed congressmen and senators to make them vote for a certain way that is not in the best interest  of the American people. The agency has become a government and a law on to itself which makes government entity a technocratic system a danger to our democratic process that Dwight D Eisenhower warned in his farewell address to the nation as a threat to our liberties.

The NSA was started by executive order under the Administration of President Harry Truman at the start of the cold war with the Soviet Union. President Trump can dismantle and shut down the NSA by the same executive action. I just hope the POTUS has the will to do it.




To AG Jeff Sessions: 15 National Priorities of Immdeiate Importence then Going After Marijuana States

The US Attorney General is the highest Law Enforcement Officer in the Land. So far AG Jeff Sessions has been a disappointment upholding the laws of these United States of America. I don’t really care about people who use Marijuana. I don’t use pot for recreational use or nor care to. Still the nation faces some threats from within the country that need priority then going after states that made Marijuana legal. They are not a threat to national security or public safety. It is a States right issue and there is nothing in the US Constitution that gives the right for the Federal government to make Marijuana illegal. When Prohibition happened. At least they amended the Constitution to ban Alcoholic beverages to make it constitutional. The DOJ resources should not be going after states that allow marijuana for recreational and medicinal uses.

What the DOJ has to focus their resources are these threats that pose more of a threat to National Security.

  1. Antitrust enforcement. Look at big Pharmaceutical companies buying up naturopathic companies that sell supplements that are not harmful and cure some illnesses through nutrition. Amazon buying up Whole Foods and hurting retailers and brick and mortar local business. These social media giants like Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter  trying to silence dissent to opposing political views trying to have a monopoly over political speech which is protected by the first amendment. There are several monopolies that need to be broken up.
  2.  Going after employers who hire illegal aliens and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law. Arresting Sanctuary city leaders who give aid and comfort to criminals who are in this country illegally
  3. Industrial espionage of intellectual property by the Chinese and our missile technology sold for campaign contributions to the Clinton reelection in 1996.
  4. Investigate the Clinton body count and the mysterious deaths of those who were going to testify against the Clinton Foundation.
  5. Uranium one scandal where the Obama White House and the Hillary Clinton State Department are involved.
  6. Arresting people who made threats to the President in government.
  7. Going after George Soros’s and his activities’ that are trying to overthrow the elected President of the United States under the RICO laws.
  8. Go after ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter who can be prosecuted under the Klu Klux Klan Act who have beat up patriots exercising their First Amendment right.
  9. Election and Voter fraud
  10. Operation Fast and Furious
  11. The Bengazi  standown.
  12. The new FISA memo
  13. Treason within the government agencies.
  14. Asset and Forfeiture abuses of law enforcement using official oppression by confiscating property and cash without charging people with a crime depriving people of due process.
  15. Investigate the Rockefeller, The Ford Foundation and the Carnage endowments. These tax free foundations have been responsible of trying to overthrow our republican form of government in favor of a New World Order.                                                                                                                                                                                                    There are so much Jeff Session can do to keep him busy that are a priority over legalized Marijuana users and growers where when people voted or the elected legislatures of the several states responding to the will of the voters. What are your thoughts about what is a priority over going after the Marijuana states?

Western Europe Must Return and Rediscover Their Christian Roots to Counter the Muslim Invasion and the New World Order

Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

Psalm 94:16

Once a long time ago in western European countries of Germany, Sweden, Great Britain and France had strong Christian roots. The people were very strong in biblical principles that promoted high moral standards being the salt of the earth. Now it seems the Church has become very ineffective no longer the moral compass of Western Europe. Christianity was a very strong influence in Western European societies long ago, now the church is just a structure and no longer an institution as a strong moral anchor to preserve stability their societies.

I do not blame the present younger populations for the decline of influence in the Christian faith. It started long time ago. I blame it on the Church leaders back decades ago who tolerated infiltrators who are mostly communist operatives coming in the church watering down the Gospel of Jesus Christ making it of no effect. This has happened to Russia prior to the Bolshevik takeover in 1917. Many of these churches in Western Europe are now state run, which makes the institution a former shell of what it was because it was weakened from within.

As a result in the lack of strong influence of the body of Christ in Western Europe brought the nations into severe decline allowing corruption to take root inside the church and in government. Feminist propaganda and political correctness have taken over society’s thoughts and behavior rendering people mentally and spiritually defenseless to counteract the cultural corruption. Because of the media’s propaganda, they are unable to think for themselves because of the media brainwashing mocking Christianity. Most people in Western Europe have no ability to discern right from wrong and good from evil as a result of the government propaganda machine opposing Christian values.

Men now have been psychologically neutered believing masculinity is bad. The State has become God abandoning the principles of the Bible that have safeguarded nations from outside threats coming in and discerning evil within from taking hold. In Germany, Christian churches that were historical landmarks are either being demolished to have Islamic places of worship being built on top of the grounds once occupied by the church or converted into Mosques. In Germany, The people are shamed who are nationalist using the term of being a NAZI using false guilt of the past when their is nothing wrong with being a patriot when the government’s policies are destroying their societies.

As a result, the consequence of feminism and political correctness is the ladies of western Europe have lost their protectors because men are shamed of being masculine being the defenders of their people. German TV shows, in fashion and propaganda outlets are encouraging ladies to wear the burka of the hijab to submit to Islam rather than fight against it. It seems the enemy has overran western Europe. Thank God for Poland, Russian ,The Czech republic, Romania and other countries in eastern Europe are rediscovering to their Christian roots not allowing the Muslim invasion to take root in their countries.

So where is the Christian remnant in Western Europe? Where are the Christians standing up for their own lands and people? What happened to the body of Christ in Europe? If Western Europeans are ever to reclaim their homelands from the insanity coming from the government and the Muslim invasion. When there is violence and rapes going on a daily basis where the state attacks its own citizens who dare speak up against the edicts that encourage this chaos in these countries. Where are the Christians standing up to this evil that has plagued their nations? Do they have a message to bring to the people to turn back to their Christian roots and repent?

Life needs to be brought back into the Churches of Western Europe where their message is the pure biblical message that is appealing to the young people that resonates hope in their spirits. The message that brings excitement and being empowered by the scriptures to breath to life into their hearts. A message so profound with true meaning and purpose transcending with signs and wonders. That it attracts some of the migrants from the middle east to be converted into the Christian faith poised to evangelize their own people in the refugee centers. Also being ready to go back their homelands to preach the message of the Christian faith in the face of danger of persecution knowing they will be martyrs for Christ.

The Prophet Isaiah said about his writing inspired by the Holy Spirit saying in 59:19:

When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.

It seems like western Europe is being overran by a hell force from within and from without. Will the remnant come together as a counter force against the politicians betraying their own people from inside the government and from a culture not compatible with the Christian faith coming in from the outside bent on conquest for Islam?

Will the remnant raise the standard inside the body of Christ to call for repentance, calling for righteousness and exhortation? Most likely, it will not come from the modern-day churches that have compromised themselves caving into the demands of the hardcore Muslims, the leftist from the World Council of Churches and political correctness in the name of cultural enrichment and not offending anyone.

The remnant will have to do what Jesus has done, which is bypassing the establishment church going directly to the people evangelizing by encouraging and teaching the people return and rediscover their Christian roots. Will the remnant be bold enough to endure the persecution facing danger from a government and the doctrine of Islam that is hostile to the teachings of Jesus Christ? Will they go underground setting up home fellowships hiding from the Sharia patrols so Christians  can worship God to the dictates of their own conscience without the being harassed by fundamentalist Muslims?

These nationalist movements arising in western Europe trying to counter the Muslim invasion being aided a abetted by their own government have some odds that may seem impossible that they must overcome. If these movements are going to be successful pushing back Islam and the globalist in the government. It has to be Christ centered returning to their Christian roots because without Jesus with his message of the good news of the gospel. Their efforts will be in vain.

What are your thoughts?


President Trump Should Back Up California Law Enforcement Officers Defying Sanctuary State Laws

Law Enforcement officer has giving their broad support for President Trump from the local governments up to the Federal level. President Trump needs to announce that he will back Peace officers. In northern California some Law Enforcement Officers will be aiding ICE officers doing immigration raids as well as being material witnesses of who is giving the orders of ignoring Federal immigration law hopefully using Federal whistleblower protection laws. Some will do this at personal risk of retaliation from their superiors regardless what the law says.

Can you say the state of California has become a criminal and racketeering operation? Sworn Peace Officers from the city municipality all the way up to the state Highway patrol are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  The Federal government under the US Constitution has jurisdiction over enforcing immigration laws.  Mayors and the California state governor cannot use the ninth and tenth amendments to justify passing a law making California a sanctuary state. This is why the President Trump needs to tell California Law Enforcement officers that he has their back when the state Attorney General says they will Prosecute Employers and I can see penalizing Peace officers aiding the Federal government enforcing immigration laws.

If the Department of Justice prosecutes Sanctuary city leaders as Department of Homeland Security has requested the US Attorney General to do. It would not surprise me if Police officers, Department chiefs, and County sheriffs with the leadership on all levels in these agencies might face Federal charges for defying Federal immigration laws willfully.

To side with the governor giving aid and comfort to illegal immigrants by deceiving ICE or hindering their efforts. These officers can be in violation of their oath.

The Nuremberg trials set the legal precedent of I WAS JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS is not a moral defense or an excuse to break the law by committing treason giving aid and comfort to traitors harboring illegal immigrants. The Sanctuary State Law is an act of treason because it gives aid and comfort to those who want to overthrow the California government and make it a part of Mexico who have crossed the border illegally.

This what the California oath and code of ethics California Peace officers swear to:

” I, ___________________________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter.

“And I do further swear (or affirm) that I do not advocate, nor am I a member of any party or organization, political or other- wise, that now advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means; that within the five years immediately preceding the taking of this oath (or affirmation) I have not been a member of any party or organization, political or other-wise, that advocated the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means. I will not advocate nor become (name of office) a member of any party or organization, political or otherwise, that advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means.”

There is nothing in that oath saying Peace officers swear allegiance to Gov Gerry Brown and his political agenda. If I was a peace officer in California. I would not be arresting a person for calling a transsexual a ” he”which is not the politically correct pronoun of their gender identity or parents for refusing to vaccinate their children for reason of conscience. These laws are unconstitutional that violate people’s personal liberties.

I applaud California resisting the Department of Justice going after the Cannabis industry and other matters involving the ninth and tenth amendments of the US Constitution. Otherwise defying Federal immigration laws telling Peace officer they will be sanctioned or fired if they give material support for iCE officers. The President needs to tell California peace Officers that he has their backs and will protect their jobs upholding the law.

The rule of law is on the Presidents side. What are your thoughts?

Imagine Being Arrested for Being Politically Incorrect Reporting a Crime to a Social Justice Warrior Cop.

Imagine you having to be politically correct trying to make a police report, You can’t describe a race, their gender because you might be arrested if the transsexual mugs you on the street and didn’t use the state mandated pronoun trying to report a crime. It would not surprise me in California if they arrest people being politically incorrect try to file a police report.